After DeFi, DeSoc: Finding Web 3’s Soul

Web 3 has stunned the world by forging a parallel system of finance of unprecedented flexibility and creativity in less than a decade. Cryptographic and economic primitives, or building blocks, such as public key cryptography, smart contracts, proof-of-work and proof-of-stake have led to a sophisticated and open ecosystem for expressing financial transactions.

Yet, the economic value finance trades on is generated by humans and their relationships. Because Web 3 lacks primitives to represent such social identity, it has become fundamentally dependent on the very centralized Web 2 structures it aims to transcend, replicating their limitations.

Glen Weyl is a researcher in the chief technology officer’s office at Microsoft and co-author of “Radical Markets.” This article is adapted from “Decentralized Society: Finding Web 3’s Soul,” a paper he co-wrote with Puja Ahluwalia Ohlhaver, a strategist at Flashbots, and Vitalik Buterin, the co-creator of Ethereum.

For example, the lack

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Concepts (app review): Sketching with Vector and Infinite Canvas

Concepts is drawing app based on vector, designed with touch interface in mind and is available on iPhone, iPads, Windows and Android devices.

I’m a big fan of the app and have been using it for several years. This app is easy to learn because it’s a simple and straightforward app. This app is great for people who like sketching, visual journaling and vibrant colours.


Concepts is based on the freemium model. The app is free to use with certain features locked behind the paywall.

There are two ways to unlock all the features.

You can unlock some of the features with a one-time purchase of the US $10 Essentials pack. This will unlock infinite layers, tap+hold selection, transforms, more export formats which includes lossless PNG, SVG, DXF, PSD and CONCEPTS native. This is the best deal because it unlocks infinite layers and gives you the option

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