How Doctors Can Diagnose Neurological Problems Using the Pupilometer?

Pupillometer Help to treat neurological disorders

Pupillometry is the measurement of the size and dilation of a person’s pupils. This measurement is then converted into information that can help diagnose many different neurological problems. When a person is under heightened mental or physical stimulation, their pupils will dilate.

Nowadays, doctors can use this technology in a neuro exam. The pupilometer is the device used in pupillometry. This tool helps them look at the eye’s pupil size, constriction rate, and reaction time. By interpreting these parameters, they can determine if there’s something wrong with the patient’s brain.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the pupilometer and its relevance to diagnosing neurological diseases.

What is a pupillary response?

The pupillary response is the measurement that results from the pupil’s interaction with signals from the brain. When the brain sends a message to the eye, the pupil will dilate or constrict. A healthy pupil has a diameter … Read More

Am I working out too much?

Am I working out too much?

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