The Stadia Web Store Received A Good-Looking Makeover

Google is making some changes to the Stadia web store that come in the form of a makeover, and we have to say it looks pretty darn good. While the new UI changes aren’t sweeping and drastic, they are pretty noticeable. Especially if you spend any amount of time over a minute or two looking around.

Then again, you might not notice at all if you never visit the web store or you haven’t been on it in a while. Stadia isn’t exactly getting a whole lot of marketing and attention these days. So improvements like these are nice for subscribers. Because it shows Google is still putting in some effort to make things better.

For the most part, these UI changes are just more visually pleasing. But there are some slight quality of life changes to keep an eye out for as well.

The Stadia web store makeover includes

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Amber Heard Withheld Half of $3.5 Million Pledge From Johnny Depp Divorce Settlement, ACLU Lawyer Tells Court

Amber Heard has so far failed to deliver on roughly half of her pledge to the ACLU of $3.5 million, an amount that represented half of her $7 million divorce settlement with Johnny Depp, according to testimony Thursday from the organization’s head lawyer and COO.

Terence Dougherty, ACLU general counsel and chief operating officer, told the court in a videotaped deposition from December that Heard has donated $1.3 million – though not all of it has come directly from her.

Dougherty said Heard has directly paid $350,000, ex-husband Depp paid $100,000, and another $500,000 was sent from Elon Musk, Heard’s one-time boyfriend. Dougherty said another $350 came from an anonymous donor, who the ACLU believes to be Heard.

“We understood that the other half [of the $7 million settlement] was going to a children’s hospital in Los Angeles,” Dougherty testified.

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