Parentage Actions and Custody Actions – Some Differences

Guidelines for sharing custody of children amid COVID-19 pandemic ...

There are a lot of issues that people normally deal with. Two of these issues are parentage actions and custody actions. What exactly are the differences between the two. Normally, even if you try to research about these things online, you will still feel confused because of the terms that are used. It will be helpful if you could pick the right divorce lawyer Pickering who will be more than willing to explain the various things that you are searching for. There are definitely details that you can find when you check this out.

Parentage Proceedings

There are times when people would need to make sure that their parentage is established. There are two ways that this can be done for a child that has been born out of wedlock:

  • ┬áThe parent has voluntarily acknowledged the child.
  • ┬áThere is a judicial adjudication of paternity.

Take note that the acknowledgement is … Read More

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