Colorado Supreme Court weighs discipline for divorce attorney: ‘I’ve never seen anything like that’ | Subscriber-Only Content

Prominent family law attorney Brenda L. Storey said she was wrongly punished for simply asking a client in a divorce case to pay her, and for ultimately using money from the marriage toward her bill — a common practice in such proceedings.

The Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel, which prosecutes lawyer-discipline cases, took a vastly different view of Storey’s decision to accept a $47,578.43 tax refund check — unknown to the husband in the case — and use it to pay her own law firm for Storey’s representation of the wife.

“Ms. Storey did not engage in the generally accepted practice,” Assistant Regulation Counsel Justin P. Moore told the Colorado Supreme Court last week. He referred to the decision of a three-member disciplinary board, which concluded Storey acted with “a selfish and dishonest motive.”

The justices heard the rare oral arguments in an attorney-discipline case on June 21, in

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6 Ways Your Lawyer (and You) Can Screw Up Your Family Law Case

While medicine has the Hippocratic oath, there is nothing similar that applies to the legal profession, “And that’s a pity,” observes San Diego lawyer and divorce mediator Shawn Weber.

“Not only divorce, but across the board, so often our profession does more harm than good. Lawyers rationalize behavior that is criticized by judges as mean, unnecessary and calculated to inflame the situation instead of helping the parties achieve a fair resolution.

“In the name of ‘zealous advocacy,’ especially in family law matters, the legal profession often succeeds in inflicting lifelong harm to spouses and children. There is a reason people call us sharks. I want us to become more like dolphins,” Weber says.

“However,” he believes, “There are steps that clients can take which will minimize a result so negative that relations are damaged permanently, where the parties will not walk away feeling bitter about each other and our

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Supermodel Jerry Hall cites ‘irreconcilable differences’ in filing for divorce from Rupert Murdoch

Supermodel Jerry Hall cited “irreconcilable differences” in her submitting for divorce from media titan Rupert Murdoch and asked a judge to formally end their 6-12 months relationship.

Ms Hall, 65, whose married title is Jerry Murdoch, petitioned for the everlasting split in courtroom papers submitted in Los Angeles County Courts on Friday, in accordance to

There is no mention of a prenuptial agreement in the divorce paperwork filed by her legal professionals to close her relationship to 91-year-aged Mr Murdoch, who has an approximated personal wealth of $7.68bn (£6.35bn).

In her petition, Ms Corridor states that she is not totally mindful of the scope of Mr Murdoch’s property and her filing will be amended “when the information and facts has been ascertained”.

“Petitioner is unaware of the complete nature and extent of all individual property assets and money owed, and will amend this Petition when the information has been

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Defense lawyer says Woodbury man killed wife but didn’t plan to

Shevon Phillips loved cooking and listening to music. She was a mother, daughter and sister.

McKinley Phillips (Courtesy of the Monroe, Wis., County Jail)
McKinley Phillips (Courtesy of the Monroe, Wis., County Jail)

“She did not deserve to die in the manner that (her husband) chose for her that day,” Assistant Washington County Attorney Tom Frenette told jurors Monday during opening statements in the murder trial of McKinley Phillips. “You are here today because that man … killed his wife by stabbing her 27 times in the basement of their home.”

Phillips, 40, faces a mandatory life sentence if convicted of first-degree murder in the June 2021 death of his 42-year-old wife.

His attorney says Phillips killed the woman but that he didn’t plan to, so a lesser charge of second-degree murder is more appropriate.

Phillips is accused of stabbing his wife in the basement of their Woodbury home near Royal Oaks Elementary School. Six children ages 5 to

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