The Financial Tips that can Transform the Way You Spend

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The world is becoming expensive these days. Multiple factors like the global economic slowdown, the ongoing trade war between the United States and China, and low manufacturing output are hurting the common people across the world. The already poor cash liquidity is becoming worse. Therefore, money is going to be even more precious in the coming time.  Hard money is the most unpredictable asset in the world. Today’s billionaire might come to the street tomorrow. So, it’s wise to spend your money efficiently when you have it.

Staying in a city like Singapore is itself a challenge. The cost of living in the city is sky high, which makes it one of the most expensive cities across the world. Only having one source of income is not sufficient for most households, unless it is significantly huge. More often than not, one has to suffer at the month-end. If you find … Read More

With All The Reasons: Is Publishing a Book Worth The Effort?

There seems to be a great divide about how many pros and cons there are to self-publishing and traditional publishing. In fact, ask a person who has seen success with self-publishing (or traditional publishing) and more often than not, there are more pros to self-publishing than there are with traditional publishing. Those who believe in traditional publishing and those who are firm in their belief on self-publishing, seems to always point out the many good points to their style or type of publishing.

The fact remains that yes, publishing your book is worth the effort of writing and the publishing of your book. But the question really becomes what is the cost of publishing that we do not often think about?

For Both types of publishing: Lack of sleep, late nights editing, correcting, rewriting, rereading your manuscripts. Then doing it all over again. There are other commitments to think about … Read More

Parentage Actions and Custody Actions – Some Differences

Guidelines for sharing custody of children amid COVID-19 pandemic ...

There are a lot of issues that people normally deal with. Two of these issues are parentage actions and custody actions. What exactly are the differences between the two. Normally, even if you try to research about these things online, you will still feel confused because of the terms that are used. It will be helpful if you could pick the right divorce lawyer Pickering who will be more than willing to explain the various things that you are searching for. There are definitely details that you can find when you check this out.

Parentage Proceedings

There are times when people would need to make sure that their parentage is established. There are two ways that this can be done for a child that has been born out of wedlock:

  •  The parent has voluntarily acknowledged the child.
  •  There is a judicial adjudication of paternity.

Take note that the acknowledgement is … Read More

Mohawk Industries, Inc. — Moody’s

Announcement: Moody’s – Mohawk Industries Inc.: Allegations of accounting improprieties are credit negative

Global Credit Research – 13 Jul 2020

New York, July 13, 2020 — Moody’s Investors Service, (Moody’s) commented that allegations against Mohawk Industries, Inc (Mohawk) of channel stuffing and intentionally overproduced product are credit negative and suggest aggressive business practices and potential corporate governance weaknesses. However, because the company has good liquidity bolstered by recent debt offerings and the allegations will take time to litigate, there is no impact on the company’s Baa1 senior unsecured rating and stable outlook.

For further information please see Moody’s Issuer Comment on Mohawk Industries, Inc. at

Headquartered in Calhoun, Georgia, Mohawk is a leading producer of floor covering products for residential and commercial applications. Brands include Mohawk, Unilin, Karastan, Lees, Bigelow, Dal-Tile, American Olean, Pergo, Marazzi and Quick-Step. Revenues for the publicly-traded company are approximately $10.0 billion.

This publication does

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