Aptech to Showcase its Hospitality-Specific Finance & Accounting Software at HFTP’s CYBER HITEC

PITTSBURGH – In today’s economic climate, hoteliers are looking for ways to reduce costs across the board. To know where to cut, they must have the ability to access, view, compare, and dynamically analyze the performance data of their single hotel or multi-property, multi-branded portfolios. Without access to this vital information, operators may find themselves unable to make effective business decisions. Aptech, the industry standard for hospitality financial management, is LIVE at HFTP’s (Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals) CYBER HITEC October 26 to 29 to demonstrate how operators can better weather this economic storm via technology.

The only way to respond quickly to changes in revenue and expenses and identify trends that will better position hotel assets for growth and profitability is with a hospitality-specific financial management solution. While off-the-shelf accounting software, such as Intuit QuickBooks, is an affordable and functional tool for managing the back office, it has

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The Trump Campaign Is Mysteriously Sending Money Back and Forth to State Parties

Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast / Photos Getty
Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast / Photos Getty

Through creative accounting and a little-known quirk in campaign finance laws, President Donald Trump and Republican state parties have shuffled around millions of dollars in financial contributions in ways that effectively evade limits on the amount of money top donors can put up to finance the 2020 presidential campaign.

His Democratic challenger Joe Biden has done it too, but without constructing the labyrinthine web of transactions that Trump has.

Both presidential candidates have used political groups known as joint fundraising committees (JFCs) to solicit huge contributions from their top supporters. In theory, those contributions are supposed to be divided among the respective campaigns and the various state and national party organs that are part of the joint fundraising agreement—with the breakdown in cash falling along the legally prescribed limits on how much an individual can donate to each entity.


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FASB to Explore Greater Disclosure of Supply-Chain Financing

Investors are a step closer to gaining greater clarity on companies’ so-called supply-chain finance programs.

The Financial Accounting Standards Board, the private organization that sets accounting standards, voted Wednesday to add to its agenda a project exploring greater disclosure surrounding the arrangements.

Supply-chain finance is essentially a form of short-term borrowing to pay for goods and services. The funding, often provided by banks, pays a company’s suppliers earlier than they would normally be paid, at a slight discount. The company then pays the bank later, allowing the company to hang on to cash longer.

Financial institutions that offer such funding include

Citigroup Inc.,

Greensill Capital and HSBC Holdings PLC. Coca-Cola Co. and

Boeing Co.

and many other blue-chip companies make use of the financing.

The tool has attracted scrutiny from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, ratings firms and market participants, some of whom say it allows companies to portray

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How Can You Sell Your Structured Settlements?

For each individual hoping to sell a structured settlement, there is a more significant open door for you to bring in significantly more cash than you remain to make from the offer of your installment stream. The abilities you use in selling your benefit can place you in the situation to make additional money for a fantastic remainder. Searching for an Investor to buy your granted income can be necessary. However, if you are eager to do some extra work, you can gain a living helping other people do what you are going to.


The way to ensure you take full advantage of your benefit is to act at the speed of business. This implies you should know your case’s particulars down to the minutia of subtleties to report this to any potential financial specialists that show enthusiasm for working with you. Knowing realities, for example, your installment sum … Read More

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