Cazenovia College has new lab for finance, accounting students

Seeks to provide “career realism”

Cazenovia College says it has a new finance and accounting program lab for students pursuing degrees and careers in those fields. (PHOTO CREDIT: CAZENOVIA COLLEGE WEBSITE )

CAZENOVIA, N.Y. — Cazenovia College believes a new laboratory space provides an “added sense of career realism” for its students taking finance and accounting courses. 

The lab includes the same types of industry-utilized data technology, business-day amenities, and “precise working environment” that students are likely to see when they begin work in finance and accounting careers.

Following recent remodeling and installations, a room in the school’s Eddy Hall now functions as a new finance and accounting-program lab. The lab has computers, software, and workstations for an instructor and up to 24 students.

The space is now equipped with digitized informational displays, five 60-inch monitors, a 75-inch-display TV, and about 75 feet of LED (light-emitting

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