Reboot, Reposition Controllership to Boost Value

Few events in recent history have challenged controllership functions on the scale of the pandemic, testing the ability of controllers and their teams to provide value to their organizations even amid significant change and uncertainty. Disruption has sparked not only challenge but also an opportunity for leaders to rethink many aspects of how they function.

“As organizations begin to consider how they can move forward from the pandemic, many finance and accounting leaders are reflecting on what they learned through this experience, reimagining how they can operate, and repositioning the controllership function,” says Beth Kaplan, managing director, of the Center for Controllership™ at Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory, Deloitte & Touche LLP, during a recent Deloitte Dbrief webcast. “Organizations can take this opportunity to reprioritize activities—deciding what to eliminate, what to begin, and what to accelerate—in a controllership reboot.”

The unprecedented circumstances of the past year have led

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