What Will 1 Bitcoin Be Worth In 10 Years?

If you’ve heard anything about Bitcoin, it’s likely been about its price skyrocketing or plummeting. But, for those who are looking to invest long term, there’s a different question that should be asked—what will one Bitcoin be worth in 10 years?

Where Bitcoin Is Going

For Bitcoin, no prediction is guaranteed, but an interesting vision shared by MicroStrategy CEO, Michael J. Saylor, is that once Bitcoin passes the market cap of gold, around $11T currently, nothing will stop it.

Saylor sees Bitcoin capable of reaching a market cap of $300T in the long run. Of course, he doesn’t give a date, because nobody can do that. He talks about a future goal.

With a market cap of $300T, the price of a Bitcoin would be around $14 million.

Why You Should Be Excited About Bitcoin’s Next 10 Years

When it comes to Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency, here are a

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