Naughty cat eats Malaysian man’s university degree

The degree might just be a paper but it carries so much of value when it comes to applying for jobs, especially if you’re a fresh graduate.

The possibility of your demanding for a better salary and even raise is higher if you have a degree in a specific course.

Tell this to Mika the cat because clearly it doesn’t give two fucks.

Chewed off by a hungry cat. IMAGE: mamblonumber5/Twitter.

Its owner (or slave, depending on who you ask), Afif Adlan bin Mohd Hanafiah, had graduated with a degree in finance, accounting and management from Malaysia’s University of Nottingham in July 2020. That’s pretty recent!

He returned home to find parts of his degree chewed.

Taking to Twitter, he posted: “Of all the useless papers in my room, he ate my f**king degree. It’s like he f**king knew.”

The culprit clearly didn’t give two shits. I mean, just take

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