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Earn high salaries in finance and accounting.

Though MBA graduates who work in the finance industry, including in accounting, are often paid a six-figure salary, graduates of certain highly selective business schools are paid especially well. Based on U.S. News data, 2019 graduates from these 44 business schools who work in the finance or accounting sector have an average salary greater than $100,000. Some from these schools had an annual salary that exceeded $200,000, and in a few cases alumni raked in salaries at or above $300,000. Here are the 44 MBA programs where 2019 grads employed in finance or accounting received the highest average compensation

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University of Florida (Warrington)

U.S. News business school rank: 28 (tie)

Average salary among 2019 graduates with finance or accounting jobs: $100,504

Salary range among 2019 graduates with finance or accounting jobs: $81,000-$125,000

Number of 2019

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Employers refilling open accounting jobs amid pandemic

Nearly 70 percent of organizations that have furloughed or laid off their employees during the novel coronavirus pandemic plan to back-fill the roles that were eliminated with other employees taking over, according to a new survey, and nearly half (46 percent) of respondents in accounting and finance indicated that their department would definitely back-fill roles that were eliminated during the pandemic.

The survey, by the staffing company Adecco, which runs Accounting Principals, polled 1,152 hiring decision-makers and managers, and found that nearly 86 percent of general respondents said they plan to back-fill roles in less than a year and 61 percent plan to do so in less than six months. Nearly half (44 percent) of the respondents in accounting and finance departments of accounting/finance departments plan to do so within four to six months and 32 percent plan to do so between seven and 11 months.

Back-filling means filling an

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8 Best Jobs in Finance

Make money managing money.

If an afternoon spent retooling your budget sounds like a good time, you may be the perfect candidate for a job in finance. Occupations in this industry generally involve managing money, analyzing financial information or completing similar tasks.

Factors such as income, unemployment, work-life balance and future job prospects were used to find the best jobs in finance. The following represent the top finance jobs according to U.S. News & World Report’s Best Jobs rankings. Income and unemployment data comes from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Financial Manager

Median salary: $127,990

Unemployment rate: 1.4%

Financial managers make sure a business or organization’s finances are on solid ground. They may work closely with executives or department heads to analyze financial data, prepare reports and make recommendations. Some specialize in a specific area of finance such as risk, insurance or credit.

A bachelor’s degree in

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