Taking on a part-time remote job comes with several sweet perks. For one, Americans who worked remotely in 2020 cut their commute time by a collective 62.4 million hours per day. These same employees can stay in their pajama bottoms while working if they desire, or take a break to let the dogs out.

For many, working remotely is the best of both worlds: an opportunity to use existing skills and learn new ones while skipping a long commute and crowded highways — all while building up their bank account.

And according to Remote.co, there are plenty of hot career categories, jobs that employers are scrambling to fill. Here are seven of them.

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1. Teaching

Whether you’re a trained educator or not, the ability to share a skill is highly valued in the remote world. From kindergarten through adult education, remote teaching jobs frequently show up on both Remote.co and its sister job site, FlexJobs. In addition to having a skill you can teach, you should be prepared to create lesson plans and provide individualized tutoring when needed.

2. Customer service

Companies of all kinds hire customer service reps to interact with customers. This may involve anything from answering questions to helping solve problems. Some customer service positions even include professional coaching and recruiting. If you go into customer service, you may end up communicating with customers via phone, email, or live chat. Customer service jobs are great for those who enjoy variety and dealing with an ever-changing cast of characters.

3. Writing

As easy as writers make it look, writing is not a universally mastered skill. That’s why businesses pay strong writers to create everything from website content to advertisements. If your idea of a great job is to write content or marketing materials for businesses, a part-time remote writing job is worth exploring — even if you’re only looking to earn enough to begin investing. Online writing job listings might include anything from a science writer to a freelance resume writer.

4. Editing

Every good writer needs an even better editor. Editing is another hot job for anyone interested in part-time remote work. Editors are responsible for reviewing written materials and making changes to content before it goes to publication. It’s a job that requires an eye for detail, intimate knowledge of the English language, and the patience to work with writers and publication heads.

5. Accounting and finance

The bottom-line goal for most businesses is to make money. And to make money, companies must stay on top of their financial data. That’s what makes remote employees who can deal with the accounting and finance side of business so valuable. In addition to taking care of accounts payable and receivable, these specialists organize company records, prepare tax documents and returns, and otherwise make sure their employers are on track financially. Typical job listings include senior bookkeeper and staff accountant.

6. Data entry

If entering data sounds boring to you, consider this: Data entry professionals are the first line of defense to ensure that companies have accurate records. For example, take a recent job listing for a “cardiac clinical data abstractor.” Few jobs are more important than making sure patient records are accurate and up-to-date. And while you’re doing good, you can earn enough to plump your savings account or pay off debt.

7. Virtual assistant

Often, when a company, agency, or individual needs an extra set of hands to help them complete a task in a timely and professional manner, they turn to a virtual assistant. From the comfort of your home (or nearby coffee shop), you may be asked to do anything from making social media posts to scheduling travel or replying to emails. In other words, you offer support while making the employer look their best.

The trick for finding a part-time remote job you will love is to keep looking. Regardless of which jobs are the hottest at the moment, new opportunities arise daily. And if you have a particular skill, narrow your search to look for the jobs that will benefit most from your talents.