Finance officer stole thousands of dollars from small NC town, state auditor says

Sheriff’s Office upgrades VIPER system, purchases body cameras

LUMBERTON — The Robeson County Sheriff’s Office will officially implement two new safety upgrades Monday including the use of body cameras and new VIPER radios.

Training began earlier this the month for body camera operations. The cameras will record footage that will be “downloaded each time a deputy arrives at the sheriff’s office,” according to a prepared statement released Friday by the Sheriff’s Office. Footage can be used as evidence in court and for training purposes.

Officers continued to train this week, but will officially put the 75 Motorola/WatchGuard body cameras to use Monday, according to Robeson County Sheriff Burnis Wilkins.

The Sheriff’s Office purchased the body cameras for a little more than $220,000 through N.C. Controlled Substance Tax penalties, according the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff’s Patrol Division Major Tammy Deese has established policies related to camera usage.

The cost covers “all hardware for the officer, the patrol

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3 U.S. Cannabis Stocks Gearing up for Growth; Cantor Says ‘Buy’

At the end of 2018, Canada fully legalized cannabis, nationwide, for both medical and recreational use. With the incoming Biden Administration, the US is expected to follow suit with Federal-level legalization, or at least formal decriminalization, sometime in the next four years. An exact timetable is impossible to predict; much will depend on the partisan makeup of Congress after the Georgia Senate runoff vote in early January.For now, cannabis legalization in the US is something of a checkerboard. Most states have at least partial legalization, with only Idaho and Nebraska holding out. Eleven states have made cannabis fully legal for all adults; the remaining 37 states have some form of partial medical use, and even Nebraska has decriminalized the substance. Under Federal law, cannabis remains an illegal controlled substance.Cantor analyst Pablo Zuanic recently met with several cannabis industry

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