3 Reasons to Invest in Renewable Energy Stocks | The Motley Fool

The world’s appetite for energy is growing each day. As emerging countries are expanding and developing their energy infrastructures and networks, so too does the exploration, mining, refining and distribution of energy sources for international markets. The world is moving towards green solutions for the future of energy supply and production, with lawmakers pushing for green energy and green energy alternative technologies such as electric vehicles.

Is it true that the energy sector has risen in value and size? The global energy market is soaring at unprecedented levels. The generation of electricity is growing exponentially, at thousands of percent per year, to meet growing demand for energy supply. This leads to further capital and investment vehicles for energy companies to pursue ways to supply energy to their customers and consumers.

The world’s market is leaning towards solar power, wind power, and hydroelectric power to meet the demands of its consumers. Emerging countries are failing to meet their basic demands, with many African and Asian countries struggling to create a reliable and consistent energy power supply, but foreign and local companies are investing in the exploration, mining, and refinement of renewable and non-renewable energy sources to fulfil their mandate set by those governments and companies.

The biggest growth in the stock markets for energy stocks remains non-renewable stocks of oil and gas stocks. The renewable energy solutions, the green energy solutions, and alternative energy sources, are the fastest growing sectors on stock markets around the world.

No investment in stocks should be a short-term exercise. The likes of leading investors such as Warren Buffett recommend only long-term investment periods of 10 years or more. Any less than that, and the cycles and up-and-down nature of the stock market will see investors withdraw from the stocks. Longer-term investments reap far higher rewards, too.

Is green energy a short or a long-term investment prospect? The green sector of the energy companies is thriving. The emergence of new markets, new companies, new technologies and advanced resources means that the green energy stocks are ripe for long-term investment. Buying at the current prices will see the stocks grow in value over a long-term cycle for higher returns and greater safety in the stocks. The oil and gas stocks, while still the largest in the energy sector, have a limited lifespan. With more and more governments clamping down on the use of non-renewable energy sources for its power and energy infrastructures, green technology is assured of a high rate of return for its investors on the stock market.

Hydroelectric technologies, solar and wind power companies lead the field. These sources of green energy will replace the likes of fossil fuel power generation for electricity, such as coal stations and nuclear power plants. The focus is on the development of stable and sustainable energy supplies and infrastructures. If you are looking to invest in the energy sector, look towards the green energy companies for the safest stocks and longer-term high-yield rewards.