The 23 Most Profitable Businesses in 2021 - NerdWallet

The best businesses are those that have low investment needs with high profit potential. A simple idea can turn into a successful business.

If you are looking for the best way to turn your idea into a successful profit-making business but do not have the best funds to make the investment, you might need business credit to help you reach your goals. Click on the links in this article to read more about credit and the best saving money tips when starting your own business.

In the wake of a global pandemic, many people have faced job losses and retrenchments. In a way to make ends meet, they have turned to start their own business to ensure their financial success and stability.

What is the best business to start that does not need a large investment capital?

The best business starts off with a simple idea and a lot of perseverance and challenging work. These are our popular suggestions for businesses that can bring in a lot of money without needing large start-up capital:

Food Trucks

While there is the initial investment of a vehicle and food preparation equipment, food trucks are popular eateries enjoyed by many needing to grab a quick delicious meal on their lunch break. You can park your food truck at parks, festivals, and in popular business areas to ensure a regular customer base and expand when your business has yielded the best profits possible. 

eBay Selling

Buying products and selling them on eBay or other online trading stores with a mark-up is an easy way to make money fast. Your markup should include courier and travel costs and the cost of purchasing the item that you will be selling. Watches, jewelry, collector’s items, and vintage clothing items are all great products that you can trade to make good profits. 

Freelance writing

Freelance writers have a high earning potential. Start-up costs are low, and the only equipment needed is a reliable laptop or computer, a stable internet connection, and a good grasp of the English language. Turn to online job portals to list your services or apply for freelance writing jobs that are in your field. Large companies often turn to freelance writers to assist them with their SEO needs and ad-hoc writing projects. 

Social Media Marketing Management

Social media is an effective marketing tool for many businesses. But the time needed to manage social media accounts is often not available. This is where a social media manager can assist. You can run a company’s social media pages and market the business on various platforms for a fee. This job has low investments costs, and you will only need a reliable computer or laptop and a stable internet connection to conduct your business. Browse social media pages and contact the companies that do not have a strong online presence and offer them your expertise. Build a portfolio of your clients to show to new customers.


There are many ways to make money that do not need large start-up capital. The trick is to know your market and have the tools to build your skills into a successful business. Read reviews to see how customers rate companies and what improvements could be made to better the business. Use these skills when conducting your business.