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5 career opportunities in FMCG sector

If you’re looking for exciting and dynamic work experience, then a career in the FMCG sector is just apt for you. Mostly FMCG giants come up with many fresher programs for new graduates and MBA recruits. Through these programmes, newbie candidates get all kinds of training right from leadership to managerial roles.

They are exposed to all kinds of responsibilities including marketing and sales, supply chain management and finance and accounting that give them an overview of the industry, which is growing at a very fast pace. Due to the intense competition along with incessant growth in the sector, it requires good human resources year on year.

An impression of FMCG sector

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector deals with retail goods that have a restricted shelf-life due to high consumer demand and rapid deterioration of products. The products in this industry are highly perishable goods, smaller household, and fashion items, and personal hygiene products.

An MBA degree is the minimum qualification needed to be a part of this industry for leading the roles in junior management, brand marketing, or finance parts. The sector certainly offers plentiful opportunities to those seeking rewarding and growing job opportunities. In this industry, there is a constant need for fresh and exciting ideas relating to product packaging, advertising, marketing, and communications.

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Various career opportunities

1. Retail Buyers

They have mostly involved in-stock selection. For this role, it’s imperative to know your store’s customer, their tastes, and the most sold product in their store. Good knowledge of current trends and fashion is needed for this role to stay ahead in the competition.

2. Marketing Managers

Their responsibility is to research, plan and implement all aspects of marketing goals so that their company can stay relevant and improve with the changing times. Their other most important goal is increasing the sales and market share. Even they are required to be abreast with consumer trends and demographics besides thinking out-of-the-box publicity campaigns and marketing strategies.

3. Supply and distribution chain Managers

They are behind planning and organizing all aspects of supplying the right products to the right store at the right time. They also manage the ordering and receipt of products from the supplier, the storage of goods, and the delivery of goods to the retail outlet.

4. Finance managers

They need to have a cost accounting qualification alongside their work. Many graduates in this function take an MBA to accelerate their career progression and differentiate themselves (or to move into a different function). In the early days, work involves producing management accounts in time for reporting cycles. With seniority the role transitions into cost-saving and change management projects to improve the overall profitability of the organisation.

5. Retail Managers

Their duty is to plan and coordinate the retail outlets. They overlook the overall responsibility for ensuring the quality of customer service, the appropriateness of choices of inventory, and managing the finances. Their duty changes according to the size of the retail store. Sometimes, they take direct control of all aspects of supply chain management, retail supply management, and stock selection.

Authored by Amrinder Singh, Director, Bonn Group of Industries.

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