Banks And Investors Are Still Pouring Billions Into Coal Companies

Coal is the number-one single source for increasing global temperatures, with coal-fired electricity generation accounting for 30% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. And yet, scores of banks and institutional investors continue to pump money into supporting and expanding this fossil fuel industry, new research finds. 

As of January 2021, institutional investors such as pension funds, asset managers and insurance companies around the world held investments worth more than $1 trillion in coal, with U.S. investors collectively holding 58% of the institutional investment in the global coal industry. 

Commercial banks, meanwhile, have increased their funding of coal companies since the 2016 signing of the Paris climate agreement, in which countries pledged to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius. 

The new research, released Thursday by Urgewald, Reclaim Finance and Rainforest Action Network along with 26 other nonprofits, examined the money flowing to 934 coal companies using information

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How Do Elevator LEDs Improve A Building’s Efficiency?

How Do Elevator LEDs Improve A Building’s Efficiency?

Optimizing your property doesn’t have to include a total overhaul of your fixtures or wiring. More often than not, the slightest modifications can lead to vast savings on cost. Take elevator LED lights, for instance. 

Escalators and elevators in the vertical transport sector today are all about sustainable competence. In truth, the elevator industry has made some fantastic progress. Its now clear why LED lighting is standard in most elevators today. 

Though they may not amount to much separately, it is ideal to consider lift lighting overall: all the minuscule lights team up to create a great glow. The panel indicators, guide light, and buttons are on 24hours a day, even when no one is using the elevator.

Factoring in their runtime, it might be prudent to replace the conventional bulbs in your elevator. Swapping them for elevator LED lights is relatively cheap, and it empowers the property to cut-on … Read More

Creating a Website Design That Fits Your Needs

Creating a Website Design That Fits Your Needs

A website design service is critical to a successful online presence. In this digital age, the internet is where your business needs to be. It is also where you can develop an evident brand that can’t be ignored. Here are the best web design services of the decade.

SEO Friendly Designs

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the essential elements of a web design service. The New Orleans website design agency will create SEO friendly designs and ensure that they rank highly in the search engines. In addition to this, a good SEO company should also assist with other elements such as keyword research, link building, and link building. Keywords for your website are essential as they will help the search engines understand what your website is about. Many companies specialize in helping businesses with SEO rankings, so look around for the ones that offer the most beneficial packages.… Read More

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