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44 MBA Programs That Lead to High-Paying Finance and Accounting Jobs | Top Business Schools

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Earn high salaries in finance and accounting.

Though MBA graduates who work in the finance industry, including in accounting, are often paid a six-figure salary, graduates of certain highly selective business schools are paid especially well. Based on U.S. News data, 2019 graduates from these 44 business schools who work in the finance or accounting sector have an average salary greater than $100,000. Some from these schools had an annual salary that exceeded $200,000, and in a few cases alumni raked in salaries at or above $300,000. Here are the 44 MBA programs where 2019 grads employed in finance or accounting received the highest average compensation

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(University of Florida/Hannah Pietrick)

University of Florida (Warrington)

U.S. News business school rank: 28 (tie)

Average salary among 2019 graduates with finance or accounting jobs: $100,504

Salary range among 2019 graduates with finance or accounting jobs: $81,000-$125,000

Number of 2019

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