Yay Or Nay To This Fictional Toyota Prius Celica Render?

The following renderings of a fictional Prius Celica were created by independent digital artist Theottle, who’s neither related to nor endorsed by Toyota.

The new generation of the Toyota Prius is admittedly the most stylish one, prompting digital artists to create different kinds of renderings inspired by it. Theottle went a step further by imagining a new Celica-branded sportscar incorporating the design language of the Prius.

The Toyota GR 86 served as a base for this totally imaginary study, as the entry-level sportscar of Gazoo Racing. The new Prius donated its front and rear ends, as well as the surfacing on the profile including the fenders and the side sills. The car also got a new set of large-diameter alloy wheels with red brake calipers contrasting with the bright yellow shade of the bodywork.

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Surprisingly, the resulting sportscar doesn’t look as weird as you would expect. While the “hammerhead” face could be positioned a bit lower for a sportier stance, the lines of the Prius match the greenhouse and proportions of the GR 86. The digital artist decided to name his creation “Toyota Prius Celica”, paying homage to the popular sportscar nameplate that has been absent for a long time.

A Celica-branded Prius should pack more power than the standard fastback, in order to compete with other affordable sportscars like the next-gen Mazda MX-5. Note that the electrified powertrain in the Toyota Prius PHEV produces a combined 220 hp (164 kW / 223 PS) from a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine, a single electric motor, and a 13.6 kWh lithium-ion battery. This setup is FWD, but a different placement of the electric motor could result in an AWD layout. Of course, all this talk is pure speculation, as Toyota doesn’t intend to produce such a vehicle.

While this rendering will never be materialized, there is a chance some of the design cues introduced by the Prius and the bZ range of EVs to be incorporated in future Toyota sportscars. Would you like the successor of the GR 86 to look like this?

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