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Handling of Engagement rings has been traditionally practiced for decades until now. Engagement rings always have diamonds or if not it would have gemstones. There is nothing more exciting for a woman than to receive an engagement ring from his partner who is willing to marry her and offer her a ring as worthy as her. Engagement rings come in many shapes, designs and settings. Each has a unique design and some can even be customized according to the customer’s preference. One type of engagement ring is the custom round bezel engagement rings and if you are from Dallas custom round bezel engagement rings in Dallas are available in jewelry shops near you. 

Types of Bezel Engagement Rings in Dallas, TX

Bezel Setting Engagement Rings 

In Bezel settings the center stone is enclosed in a metal rim to secure the stone better with a custom-made band that  matches the metal rim. This type of setting makes the stone more protected from getting scratch compared with prong settings. Bezel types rings come in different styles and ready-made and customized types are available.  

Bezel Set Diamond Ring 

For the center stone customer can choose from different center stones but as always diamond is the best choice. As we all know women are crazy about diamonds, especially if they can wear it on their engagement ring. For the shape of the diamond, you can pick any shape that fits your partner best. Since bezel settings can be ideal i=to any shape of stone as the metal rim that surrounds it can go according to the shape of the stone. 

Vintage Bezel Set engagement Rings 

Some girls prefer antique looks on their rings and that’s why vintage designs are a big yes for them. You can have your bezel set be designed in a vintage look. Styles can be based on Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco. For the details of these rings you can ask your jeweler and you can choose which one fits your partner best. 

Unique Bezel Set Engagement Rings 

Uniqueness is important when it comes to engagement rings that’s why customized designs have become popular when it comes to making engagement rings. To make a ring unique shapes of the stones should be picked carefully, color of metal settings are decided and designs can be personalized to fit it to the women who will wear it. Just like custom round bezel engagement rings which can be perfect for a partner who is active and appreciates a center stone that is of common shape but sparks brightly, since round diamonds are easier to cut compared with other shapes. Round diamonds can be symmetrically cut and produce more sparkle because they can maximize light exchange. 

Advantages of  Custom Round Bezel Engagement Rings 

More Secured 

Bezel Diamond engagement rings can be more secure since the center stone is enclosed in a metal rim, by having this feature the diamond can stay in its place even if the wearer is physically active. Securing the diamond on the ring is important since we know its worth be it literally or figuratively. 

Not Prone from Damages 

Since  rings are placed on the fingers and hands are used to do some work, tendencies of damaging the stone on your ring is possible. With custom round bezel settings the ring can be protected from getting scratches or won’t snag easily in clothing. 

Can Hide Flaws from Stone 

With a bezel cut engagement ring the flaws of the diamond will not be visible since it is enclosed in a metal ring revealing only the top of the table. This can be ideal for diamonds with lower clarity grade instead of opting for flawless diamonds which are more expensive. 
If you’re looking for a custom round bezel engagement ring, then look no further than the selection of diamond rings in Dallas. You can make it personalized by letting your jeweler know what your partners favorites are, and they can make the ring more suitable for her. Bezel settings are not only secured but designs are also flexible to make your ring more stunningly beautiful.