Actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard attempted to settle their divorce outside of court, according to testimonies given Wednesday during their defamation trial.

Heard’s talent agent, Christian Carino, and Depp’s divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser, confirmed that the two celebrities met privately in 2016 despite an outstanding restraining order Heard had against Depp at the time. The two had their video depositions shown in court.

Carino claimed to be present at the meeting between the two divorcees, while Wasser testified she was never present during a meeting between the two but was aware the meetings happened when they did.


Wasser testified that Heard’s divorce lawyer, Samantha Spector, filed for a no-warning restraining order without contacting Wasser. At that point, the two had already been in contact regarding regular divorce proceedings. In her experience with family law, Wasser said the typical procedure is to give a 24-hour notice for a restraining order that lasts 21 days. Within that set amount of days, the order can be petitioned or extended.

As Carino organized the private meeting, he recalled that Heard assured him she would “never” accuse Depp of violating her restraining order. Depp seemed to Carino to be “reluctant” to meet.

Texts between Heard and Carino, who referred to himself as a “close personal friend” of the actress, revealed that Heard continued to send Depp letters via Carino. At one point, she even lamented to Carino that she missed Depp. Carino also attested that at the time, while Heard wasn’t dating Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the two had begun to get to know each other.

Once Musk and Heard broke up, Carino assured Heard in a text that she wasn’t “in love” with the billionaire.

“I know,” Heard wrote back.

Carino referred to Depp as “one of the finest actors of his generation,” testifying that Heard’s op-ed, which is the basis of Depp’s defamation case, did not affect Depp’s acting reputation.

When it came to acting opportunities, however, the talent agent testified that Depp lost his role in the sixth Pirates of the Caribbean film because of Heard’s allegations, according to conversations Carino had with studio executives.

Meanwhile, Depp sketched in a journal during court proceedings.


Earlier Wednesday, two additional officers testified in a deposition that they saw no evidence of domestic violence when they were called to Depp’s penthouse suite for a domestic dispute report. The front desk clerk of the apartment building also testified via recorded deposition that he did not see bruises on Heard’s face and called Depp a “really calm … very happy person.”

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