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Travel nursing jobs in Mississippi are one of the best opportunities for nurses to expand their careers as well as explore the beauty of Mississippi. Travel nurses not only get higher pay but also more opportunities to grow their profession. They get assigned to different destinations. Travel nurse salary in Mississippi may not be the highest on the list but is surely better than a regular nurse’s pay plus other benefits. 

How Much Does A Travel Nurse Make In Mississippi?

The average rate of a nurse in Mississippi is $39.90 per hour. Other factors may affect the rate, and it could increase. 


Mississippi has many cities and each city has different rates. You can directly ask your travel nurse agency to assign you to the highest paying city in Mississippi. Or better yet, you can jump from one city to another and get the chance to go around Mississippi after every assignment. 


Nurses who have specialization can earn more. They have more skills, and they have the certifications needed to be qualified to work in demand nurse departments. The ones who need nurses the most would offer higher rates to encourage more nurses to apply since they need them badly in their facilities. Enhancing skills and specialization in your profession as a nurse can aid you in earning more. 


Travel nursing jobs require you to have at least 1 to 2 years of experience. Having experience means a nurse can immediately be assigned to its duties and doesn’t need to be trained. With the high demand for nurses in every corner of the world, facilities need someone who can immediately attend to patients who need them. Orientations are part of the onboarding, but training nurses would make them take time before getting started. Therefore, hiring someone with experience will fasten the onboarding of nurses needed in the facility.  

What Are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities For Travel Nurse Jobs In Mississippi

Each city has different rates when it comes to paying for travel nurses. Jackson ranks first when it comes to the top 10 highest-paying cities in Mississippi. Grenada, Southaven, Pascagoula, Indianola, Olive Branch, Oxford, Meridian, Biloxi, and Hattiesburg follow. $104,770 is the highest annual salary a travel nurse can get in Jackson, Mississippi, and $81,229 for Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 

What Are Top 5 Best Paying Related Travel Nurse Jobs In Mississippi?

ICU Travel Nurses

ICU Travel Nurses can earn an average of $52.19 an hour. ICU travel nurses are in demand in Mississippi due to the pandemic situation, more and more patients are being placed in intensive care units. An ICU travel nurse requires skills that are essential in taking care of patients who need immediate attention and close monitoring. ICU travel nurses should be alert and active during their duty and be able to attend to the needs of their patients.   

Operating Travel Nurse 

In Mississippi operating travel nurses’ average rate is $49.96. They serve as assistants to doctors who perform surgery. Their presence is important since each staff member in the operating room plays an important role during an operation. 

Emergency Travel Nurse 

During this pandemic season, emergency departments are always full, which means more nurses are needed here. Emergency travel nurses can earn an average of $48.77. Emergency travel nurses need critical thinking and skills to determine who among the patients should be prioritized. 

Other ICU Travel Nursing Job

There are other ICU travel nurse jobs that are given to nurses. The average rate is $45.79 These ICU travel nursing jobs require skills and knowledge of how to handle situations where patients need immediate attention to relieve their present situations. 

Oncology Travel Nurse 

Cancer patients need close monitoring to be able to check on the progress of their condition. Oncology travel nurses are trained to handle cancer patients, and they get paid at the rate of $45.66. 

Knowing the travel nurse salary in Mississippi can make you intensify your skills and specialization as a nurse to be able to earn more and expand your knowledge to grow your career as well. Get the skills and be a travel nurse in Mississippi. Work and tour at the same time.