Top 4 reasons to use acrylic sheets for your windows - Making The Switch From Glass

More and more people are starting to invest in acrylic as a viable alternative to glass in their windows. Everyone wants their home to look its best, and you’ll be no exception – and as they say the windows are the eyes of the home it pays to make a sensible investment in an upgrade. 

Whether you’re thinking of sprucing up your old family home or you’re in the process of renovating your new property and you want a meaningful change, why should you consider acrylic?

1. It’s tough and smash-resistant

One of the worst things about glass windows is that they shatter relatively easily. This may be a particular concern if you live in a busy home with younger children, where an errant toy flown at the wrong time or something flying in from boisterous play in the garden can mean a broken window. Their resistance to shattering is making acrylic sheets more popular in commercial environments, and now you can enjoy the same benefits in your home. 

2. It’s lightweight and easy to install

Something else to consider is that acrylic sheeting is considerably lighter than an equivalent glass pane, which makes installation a breeze. Not only is it easier to move into position due to being that much lighter, the aforementioned toughness makes it more resistant to unfortunate accidents during the installation process. Special care still has to be paid during installation to ensure it’s done properly, however, and to ensure there will be no draughts. 

3. It’s cheaper than glass

Glass is expensive, there’s no two ways about it. The process of manufacturing glass has been streamlined considerably over the years, but it’s still very specialised. Acrylic on the other hand can be manufactured more affordably and in higher quantities, making it cheaper. Its aforementioned lightweight means it’ll also be cheaper to ship than glass. 

4. It’s just as transparent 

The main purpose of a window is of course to see through, so none of these benefits would be worthwhile if you couldn’t see well out of acrylic windows. Fortunately however you can, and acrylic is very nearly as transparent as glass. While not quite as clear, you will barely notice the difference once the windows are installed in your home. 

These are just some of the many reasons why acrylic sheeting is growing in popularity for use in windows, and why you should consider making the investment. 


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