Stem Offering Royalty Recoupment Accounting

“Royalty accounting has been made to feel complex and burdensome. It scares most independent managers, artists and labels, to the point where they punt handling it so no one gets paid,” said Milana Rabkin Lewis the CEO of Stem in a statement. “Our goal was to demystify and streamline the accounting process. This is the latest step in our journey to modernize the music industry and give music business owners the tools, capital and technology to manage their operations more efficiently and on their own terms.”

Stem clients will be able to recoup across multiple releases, add external earnings such as physical sales, publishing and synch to bring down the total recoupment amount and provide collaborators and shareholders with monthly recoupment updates. Clients will be able to raise their recoupable amount (in the event additional expenses are accrued) and once a Recoup Rule is closed splits will be paid out

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