Significant flooding forecasted for several states in Malaysia within the next three days – weather expert

Malaysia will experience significant flooding within the next three days due to heavy monsoon rain brought on by the the active La Nina and negative Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) phenomena, reports Sinar Harian.

National Antarctica Research Centre meteorological expert Professor Datuk Dr Azizan Abu Samah told the publication that the monsoon rain has not only created strong winds over the South China Sea, but also the La Nina and IOD phenomena, which has caused an increase of rain resulting in flooding in the east coast of the peninsula.

He added that the forecast from global models such as predicated that heavy is expected until Tuesday (December 13) night [and possibly after that]. “More heavy rain increases the potential for major floods to occur within these three days,” said Azizan.

The states that could experience major floods include Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and Perak, with continuous rain raising the water levels of rivers to the point that they overflow and result in flooding.

Azizan noted that both the La Nina and IOD phenomena would subside by the end of the year. “By early 2023, the weather is expected to be good especially in the east coast of the peninsula,” he said. However, he said heavy rain in Sabah and Sarawak occurs in January and February, a month or so later than in the peninsula. “So, the phenomenon of heavy rain due to the north-east monsoon is not expected to subside in East Malaysia,” he explained.

As always, do check in advance if the route you planned to take brings you through an affected area before heading out. If possible, delay your journey and if you’re already out of your home, move your car to safer area if possible. Do not force your way through flooded areas as it can severely damage your car.

It is also important to get Special Perils insurance coverage for your vehicle, which is an optional add-on. Opting in will cost a little extra but the amount is relatively small compared to your vehicle’s insured value and can prove to be very important to protect you financially if your car gets damaged by floods. Without it, you’ll be paying the repair bill out of your own pocket, which can be very costly.

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