Samantha Markle Says Her And Meghan’s Father Not Watching New Netflix Docuseries

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s series has been making waves on Netflix. Now Samantha Markle, Meghan’s half-sister, has revealed that their father, Thomas, hasn’t watched it.

The docuseries has made deadlines thanks to the explosive revelations. Both Samantha and Harry have provided an intimate revelation into their lives after they moved to the US. They also discussed their exit from the British royal family while also providing input into Meghan’s family.

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The docuseries also addressed the revealing interview and comments by Thomas and Samantha Markle during the royal wedding. Samantha Markle recently responded to the developments and said that the series was “disrespectful” and revealed that their father, Thomas, had not watched it.

Samantha Markle Says She Doesn’t Care About The Series

Samantha Markle has disclosed that she doesn’t even know the content of the docuseries and doesn’t care to watch it. She also disclosed that Thomas was focused on his recovery after a recent stroke and did not much care for the series.

In the series, Samantha Markle’s sister, Meghan, describes a painful past and her relationship with her father, now estranged. She describes herself as her “daddy’s girl” and says that her father refused to answer her calls and had contacted TMZ instead.

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Meghan has detailed the events leading to her royal wedding to Harry in 2018. She says that Thomas refused to answer her calls even though she called him over 20 times. The texts she received from her father also did not appear to have been written by him.

Harry also spoke about the hurt he felt for Markle being denied access to her father. He said that he felt that she would not have been denied the company of her father if it were not for him.

Though Samantha Markle has referred to the docuseries, there has not been any official reaction from Buckingham Palace or members of the British royal family.

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