Parentage Actions and Custody Actions – Some Differences

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There are a lot of issues that people normally deal with. Two of these issues are parentage actions and custody actions. What exactly are the differences between the two. Normally, even if you try to research about these things online, you will still feel confused because of the terms that are used. It will be helpful if you could pick the right divorce lawyer Pickering who will be more than willing to explain the various things that you are searching for. There are definitely details that you can find when you check this out.

Parentage Proceedings

There are times when people would need to make sure that their parentage is established. There are two ways that this can be done for a child that has been born out of wedlock:

  •  The parent has voluntarily acknowledged the child.
  •  There is a judicial adjudication of paternity.

Take note that the acknowledgement is not something that you can just do immediately. This would need to be made in the presence of the notary public otherwise it will not be considered to be valid. There is also a need for the child to have a birth certificate that is signed by both people who say that they are the child’s parents. Take note that parentage proceedings will only occur when there are not enough evidences to prove the parentage of the father of the child. If it would need to be heard in court, there will be no jury. Finding a Pickering divorce law firm can be very helpful for sure. There are definitely details that you can get when you check out Tupalo.

Who Can Commence the Establishment of Paternity?

Not everyone will be able to commence the establishment of a child’s paternity? There are only a limited number of people who can do it such as the following:

  •  The mother of the child
  •  The presumed father
  •  The child especially when the child is already all grown up
  •  The child’s guardian
  •  The next of kin
  •  Someone who is considered to be a representative of the mother
  •  Someone who can represent the father if the father has died.
  •  Department of Social Services
  •  The Department of Revenue provided that the child is one of the children getting assistance from this agency of the government.

Complaint for the Custody of Children

There are some couples who may get divorced who will sometimes fight about who will get or who will not get their children. Most parents would fight for the custody of their children because they would like to see their children grow up but there are also others who do not really mind being absentee parents. The help of Scarborough family lawyers can be very helpful at this point in time.

What is the Actual Difference?

Now that you have leaned some details about the two, are you already aware of their main difference? It is the fact that for complaint for the custody of children, the father of the child is aware that he is the father of the child. For the declaration of paternity, the person’s paternity is still being established with the help of the different tests that are available. You can find a Pickering family lawyer soon to provide you with what you are searching for.

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