Manhattan contested divorce lawyer Juan Luciano releases a new article ( that explains what a contested divorce is and the reasons for a contested divorce in New York. The lawyer mentions that ending a marriage is never easy, particularly if it is ending on difficult terms.

“When both parties must finally rely on the courts to work out their differences, it can be emotionally taxing. Navigating a divorce where you can’t see eye to eye with your spouse will require a skilled contested divorce attorney to ensure that your rights are being represented each step of the way,” says the Manhattan contested divorce lawyer.

Manhattan contested divorce lawyer

The lawyer explains that it is possible for couples to not agree on crucial matters during the divorce process. These matters are usually child support, custody, and asset division. Sometimes, there can also be a power imbalance in the dissolution of the marriage.

Attorney Luciano states that New York is a “no-fault” divorce state. This means that there is no need for specific reasons to divorce. However, important issues must be discussed and resolved during divorce proceedings. The couple should reach an agreement in these areas, through mediation, negotiation, family court, or both.

In the article, attorney Luciano mentions that if one spouse feels disadvantaged in a divorce proceeding, litigation may be an option for them. attorney Luciano also explains that when a couple is in possession of a large number of assets, the courts may need to intervene. Asset distribution is meant to be equitable.

Additionally, the lawyer says that in a contested divorce, there are tools that allow for the identification of assets that may not be disclosed by one spouse. In the matter of child support, courts will always determine what is best for the child.

Lastly, attorney Juan Luciano emphasizes how important it is to seek the guidance of an experienced contested divorce lawyer. Having a skilled contested divorce lawyer may be able to help the client navigate the complicated laws of a divorce and help them achieve a more favorable outcome.

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