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Learn Personal Finance Beginners Bundle Features

The bundle is massive and contains 6 courses. Each course will help you manage your finance matter on tax, capital, currencies, and more. Here are highlights of what the Learn Personal Finance Beginners Bundle has in store for you:

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Money in Excel: Income Tax Sch. C & Personal Financials
Create Financial Reports & Complement Traditional Accounting Software like QBO

  •  Access 12 lectures & 2 hours of content 24/7
  •  Learn what Money in Excel can be used for
  •  Setup the Money In Excel Template
  •  Connect Money In Excel to financial institutions
  •  Add account or categories and subcategories to data
  • Sort business & personal data
  •  Create an income statement that may be useful for taxes
  •  Create a balance sheet or statement of net position
  •  Use the Money in Excel budgeting template

Personal Capital: Free Financial Planner Application
Use Financial Planning Tool & Know How it Compares and/or Complements Other Accounting & Financial Tools.

  •  Access 16 lectures & 4 hours of content 24/7
  •  Know what Personal Capital Software is & how it can be used
  •  Learn how Personal Capital Software compares to other accounting & financial management software
  •  Access & set up the free software
  •  Use Financial data to create an income statement
  •  Learn the benefits of having net worth or balance sheet data in one location
  •  Access & use investment tools and analysis
  •  Use financial planning tools like a retirement planner
  •  Use a home appraisal tool
  •  Add non-financial institution assets & liabilities to make the net worth or balance sheet more complete.

QuickBooks Online Multiples Currencies
Record Transactions Using Multiple Currencies from a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

  •  Access 42 lectures & 8 hours of content 24/7
  •  Get access to QuickBooks Online, including a possible free 30-day trial
  •  Turn on the multicurrency feature
  •  Set up accounts related to multicurrency, including account types of Cash, Accounts Receivable, & Accounts Payable.
  •  Enter transactions related to foreign currency accounts receivable
  •  Enter transactions related to foreign currency accounts payable
  •  Include transactions related to forward contracts for speculation
  •  Use transactions related to forward contracts to reduce risk on foreign currency transactions

Project Finance Ninja Course
Build Project Finance Models From Scratch & Discover Their Economic Feasibility

  •  Access 37 lectures & 3 hours of content 24/7
  •  Apply a structured & systematic approach to financing projects
  •  Understand the creation of flags
  •  Calculate Escalation Rate, IRR, & NPV
  •  Take substantiate investment decisions
  •  Build schedules using the BASE approach
  •  Build the schedule for Revenue Forecast, Capital
  •  Expenditure, Annual & Accumulated Depreciation
  •  Recognize the top key characteristics of a robust project & later identify the weakest links in the transaction

Google Sheets for Excel Users
Organize Your Information Into Neat Spreadsheets in Both Google Sheets & Excel

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  •  Access 10 lectures & 1 hour of content 24/7
  •  Know the 5 ways to use Google Sheet’s Checkbox
  •  Use Sparklines for Dashboards
  •  Learn how to use Slicer on a table
  •  Create a “pop-up” Calendar Date Picker
  •  Create a Heatmap with Conditional Formatting
  •  Use AI Explore to create charts & reports

360 Financial Modeling & Valuation Course
Learn Industry Best Practices & Common Pitfalls in Financial Modeling

  •  Access 46 lectures & 4 hours of content 24/7
  •  Build a 3-statement financial model with a valuation in 3 phases
  •  Build client-ready deliverables from scratch
  •  Become better with Excel shortcuts, industry best practices, time-saving tips & more
  •  Create a report-like presentation
  •  Complement your statements with CAGR, Horizontal & Vertical Analysis
  •  Learn the fundamental drivers of each line item in their respective schedules
  •  Perform Discounted Cash Flow Valuation where you learn to calculate FCFF & WACC

Original Price Learn Personal Finance Beginners Bundle: $1,200
Wccftech Discount Price Learn Personal Finance Beginners Bundle: $29.99