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No matter the industry, Excel isn’t a well liked program. The intimidating software confuses even the most skilled employees, but in some fields, it’s unfortunately an inevitable part of the gig. For instance, those in accounting and finance know all too well that Excel can make their lives a lot easier if they become proficient on the software. If you’re in one of those fields and would like to finally make Excel work for you, Excel University: Excel Automation Skills for Accounting and Finance Course Bundle can do just that.

Instructor Jeff Lenning, a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft Excel MVP, walks you through two info-packed courses He’s an award-winning instructor who has amassed an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, and is also a CPA himself. He’ll show accountants how to work efficiently with Microsoft Excel over 22 hours of content.

Automation Tools Course 1: Power Query and Power Pivot teaches you how to work with the powerful Excel tools Power BI, Power Query, and Power Pivot to create your own reports in both tables and graphs. You’ll learn which type of graph is useful to feature a given relationship, while also learning how to identify the Excel feature that summarizes values and displays them in rows and columns and includes totals, a skill accountants are sure to employ often. See how to select the report and graph type based on Stephen Few’s books “Show Me the Numbers” with this course, while checking out case studies that simulate real-world workbooks and projects so you can see these practices in action. 

Next, Jeff teaches Automation Tools Course 2: Macros and VBA. This course will show accountants and those in finance how to use Visual Basic for Applications (referred to as VBA) to learn how to automate manual tasks and use Excel on a new level. Like the first course, this course uses case studies to simulate real-world workbooks and projects, so you’ll get a good look at how it works in your own day-to-day flow. 

Master Excel once and for all with Excel University: Excel Automation Skills for Accounting and Finance Course Bundle. It’s available now for just $29.99 for a limited time. 

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