BLUFFTON, S.C. (WSAV) — The lawyer of the family of Hakeen Pinckney, a man Alex Murdaugh represented after being killed in a car crash, is speaking out after new indictments were brought against Murdaugh and his associates on Wednesday.

Hakeem Pinckney was paralyzed in a car accident in 2009

Both Murdaugh’s friend and fellow lawyer, Corey Fleming, and Russell Laffitte, a former banker at Palmetto State Bank were among those indicted. Murdaugh and Laffitte were charged with 21 counts of criminal conspiracy for their alleged roles in misappropriating the funds that should have gone to Murdaugh’s clients.

Pamela Pinckney, mother of Hakeem Pinckney, was supposed to address the indictments but was unable to due to chronic pain caused by the accident, according to attorney Justin Bamberg, the lawyer representing the Pinckney family. Bamberg addressed the new indictments in her absence on the steps of the South Carolina State House in Columbia.

“It’s not just money, it’s not just names on paper, it’s not just a sad picture of a young man who is quadriplegic in a nursing home,” said Bamberg. “You are depriving them of the ability to build generational wealth.”

According to the indictments and bank records obtained by Bamberg, approximately $1 million belonging to the Pinckney’s was misappropriated by the people hired to represent them.

The attorney had many questions on why the Pinckney’s settlement funds were reportedly used by Murdaugh and Laffitte for personal reasons such as flying to the College World Series in a private plane and checks being written to associates and family members.

“It’s cold, it’s callous, and you’re seeing the banking industry being used as a tool to effectively funnel money,” said Bamberg.

He also said he will continue to fight for his clients despite reports of Murdaugh not having enough money to pay back the money allegedly stolen from his prior clients.

“You don’t go and win $10 million cases and because you get caught doing some dumb stuff, you just get to play dumb,” Bamberg explained. “That’s not how this works.”

The attorney also mentioned how this case has touched multiple families and left many hurt, including family members of both Murdaugh and Laffitte.

“The actions of some have impacted a lot of lives and there are a lot of people going through it,” he stated.

Bamberg referenced several bank records showing the misappropriated funds. Those records, provided by his office, are available below.