Vaping Is the New Smoking. Is That a Good Thing? | Time

Many people worldwide have turned to vaping. Vape liquids consist of vegetable glycerine and propylene. They are called vape juice or e-liquids. Read or leave a review at healthvape review. In addition, see what information is provided at vaping stores review.

The pros of vaping:

Vaping is more affordable than smoking regular cigarettes. Many traditional cigarette smokers use vapes and el-cigarettes to escape traditional smoking. It furthermore mimics the feeling tobacco smokers enjoy and often miss once smoking is stopped. Smoking a vape can regulate someone’s mood and assist in controlling stress levels. The nicotine in the vapor can increase one’s mental alertness, but after a while, one can have a ‘crash’ and become fatigued. Due to the demand for vapes growing, new alternatives are being invented daily, and a nicotine-free vape is also available for those interested. Many different flavors of vape juice are available, so this allows for there to be something to suit everyone’s palate. Moreover, vaping does not result in the discoloration of teeth or oral cancer that smoking traditional cigarettes will lead to. 

The cons of vaping:

On the flip side, research has shown that the chemicals making up the vapor can contribute to chronic lung disease, heart issues,  asthma, and other cardiovascular diseases. Vapes have also been linked to other serious health risks like depression and stroke. In addition, the vaping liquid also contains nicotine which regular cigarettes contain, thus making it as addictive as cocaine and heroin. More youth are vaping as it is seen as being in fashion. Unfortunately, this leads to a new generation being addicted to nicotine early on in life. Nicotine is a muscle stimulant, so it may worsen for those who grind or clench teeth. Furthermore, gum recession and a dry mouth may be symptoms that vapers can experience. 

Practicing safe vaping

Vapes have pros and cons, like most things in life. Overall, evidence suggests that it is healthier than traditional cigarettes as it exposes one to fewer toxic chemicals; however, it is not deemed suitable for one’s health and comes with health disadvantages. Thus it is up to the consumer to decide if vaping is worth it. Should one choose to continue or begin this vaping journey, it is essential to practice it safely by not purchasing a vape or the liquid for it from an unknown source, smoking it in moderation, and do not mix extra chemicals or substances with it as the reaction it may cause is unknown. Although no evidence proves it is terrible for second-hand people to inhale, it is essential to be mindful of others when vaping. It is furthermore ill-advised to vape when pregnant. If you are someone who vapes or wants to start, ensure that research is done to gather facts about it and when vaping, practice it safely. Alternatively, explore the options of nicotine-free vapes with vitamin-infused vaporizers and pods. 

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