Introducing Erudera, A Global Higher Education Search Platform Built On Artificial Intelligence

ByGeraldine R. Pleasant

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Erudera, a global university and academic program search platform, is officially launching today. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Erudera aims to help students worldwide explore their higher education options, both at the institutional and program levels.

According to Erudera, its platform will allow students to browse over 23,000 university profiles and more than 64,000 individual academic programs. Registered users will receive customized recommendations based on their individual profiles, academic achievements, career prospects, and personal preferences, enabling them to customize their search of potential postsecondary options.

The site contains news updates on developments in higher education in Europe, Australia, the United States and other countries as well as statistics about higher education in a number of destinations. In addition, it includes the results of global ranking systems, and it provides helpful guides to European and U.S. colleges and universities, as well as information about the most popular fields of postsecondary study.

Citing figures that more than 6 million students across the globe make decisions about their higher education path, Erudera, a blend of “erudite” and “era,” is aiming to provide the information many students say they want and need in order to decide what and where to study.

By the same token, universities are always looking for ways to reach and recruit students, particularly as they try to recover from the decline in international student enrollment caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. International higher education remains a large market valued at $196 billion, and analysts expect that market to double in the next decade.

Even before its official launch, Erudera counts more than 2,000 students who have registered to obtain more information about at least one program, according to Donjeta Pllana, Erudera’s director of communications. The goal is to add 300 new registered users per day within the next six months, Pllana said.

The basic business model of the platform is to sign pay-for-enrollment agreements with colleges and universities, which would pay a fee for every student who enrolls via Erudera. Depending on the agreement, the average rate would be 15% to 25% of the first year’s tuition fees.

Erudera is already planning a second version of the platform, which will feature an advanced recommendation engine for better matching, personality tests, and the means for universities themselves to manage their profiles on the site.

Gent Ukëhajdaraj, Erudera’s CEO, shared the platform’s mission on the official launch:

“Our mission with Erudera is to reach the students early in the research phase, match them with the right university using our platform, and guide them on this journey all the way to the end. I want you to think about it for a second. A teenager with a limited amount of information is about to make a decision that will define the rest of their life. We want to help them make the right choice.”

Erudera’s Chief Technology Officer, Betim Drenica, described the website’s use of artificial intelligence technology as one of its unique features:

“We are using the latest technology on Erudera, and once we have more users and data, we will start to see the real magic behind the platform. It’s just amazing what you can achieve with artificial intelligence and machine learning if you have the key ingredients, that’s data. The future is bright for students, universities, and everyone in higher education.”

Erudera, was founded by two companies based out of Pristina, Kosovo: Inquero LLC, a leading higher education information publishing and news firm with over 9 million users across several online student portals, and Quantix LLC, a software development company specializing in AI and Machine Learning solutions.