How to Make SVG Files & Make Money Selling Them

If you are conversant with making and selling Printables products, SVG files may not be a totally strange word to you because you know it is a type of digital file.

So you may be wondering how to make SVG files and how to make money from selling them. Let’s get into how this is done.

SVG stands for scalable vector graphics, a type of graphic format that does not lose its properties as you scale or expand it.

Other types of digital files e.g png or jpeg lose shape and become blurry when you try to expand them, but not so for SVG.

Printable products can come in different formats: PDFs, Word, PPt, Excel, Jpeg, Png, and SVG.

If you want to create and sell printable products online most of your products will be delivered as digital files that come in the above-mentioned formats.

What determines the format you use is of course the purpose of the printables products.

I wrote a complete post on how to start a printables business, I also wrote on different printables products that you can create, you can read it up to get more context about what I am going to teach you now.

I created a course that teaches you how to create printable products and turn them into a business

My Newbie printables business course is designed to help you turn your skills and abilities into a profitable printables business that brings you money.

We will talk more about how to incorporate your SVG files business with a printables business to make more money but for now, let’s focus on SVG.

So if you want to create printable products that are made from SVG files, you must first know how to create an SVG file.

let’s start by teaching you how to make an SVG file

Steps on How to Make SVG Files & Sell Them

1. Define a Niche

Before you think of creating SVG files, you should first ask yourself what you are trying to create, and what niche you want to illustrate with your SVG file.

For example, you may want to create SVG files to be used in making wedding-themed decors or cards, or perhaps you want to create an SVG to be used in creating products for the stay-at-home mom niche.

A niche will help you define your target market on time hence you avoid wasting time creating products that you don’t know who will buy from you.

Defining your niche also ensures that you focus your energy on creating SVG files that you already understand their audience.

For example, I know that I already have an audience of stay-at-home moms who want to start a business.

I can create SVG files for the stay-at-home mom niche, and the home business niche, all targeted directly to my audience.

If you are just starting and have no particular niche in mind, the best place to start defining your niche is to brainstorm your passions and decide what you particularly will want to create SVGs on, then you can start from there.

If you need a hand-holding guide on how to start a new business, you can sign up for my email course that teaches you how to start a new business in just 5days. My course will teach you how to brainstorm and settle on your passion business within 5 days

Now that you have defined your niche, the next thing is to give your new business idea a name

2. Name Your SVG Business

Even though SVG is a subset of the printables business, it does not mean it does not deserve its own name, in fact, you can start out by making SVG and then get on to creating printable products. A new business deserves a name.

So, to name your business, you have to determine what type of name resonates with the type of niche you want to play in.

Think of a name that you like and is also available on a .com domain and name your business after it.

if you are short of coming up with a name, you can use a business name generator where you impute your keyword and it comes up with a name.

If you like any of the names it comes up with you can buy a domain for just about 12 dollars a year.

Where can you buy a domain name? check Godaddy or Hostgator

If you also want to purchase a domain name and hosting package at the same time, you may consider buying from iPage.

iPage will give you a free domain name and a hosting package all at 38 dollars for the first year.

Just in case you are getting confused about what hosting means, a hosting plan allows you to build your own website so you can sell your products with your domain name.

So for example, If I buy a domain name and hosting for, it means people can visit my website and purchase my products.

What are the ways you can build your store online?


This is an eCommerce store building platform that allows you to start your eCommerce store using its platform.

Shopify costs $29/month and will usually give you 2 weeks trial period to organize your store.

With Shopify, you don’t have to buy a domain name if you don’t want to, they can give the subdomain that is uniquely yours.

Woocomerce WordPress Store

Woocomerce works with WordPress to help you build an online store, with a Woocommerce store you will need to purchase a domain name and hosting package for $38. Once you have purchased these, you can build your online store.

I have a simple course that will teach you how to build your online store on Woocomerce WordPress in just 1 week.

The WordPress without Tears course simplifies your online store building to the most basic steps even if you have never built an online store before.

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WordPress Without Tears Course

If you don’t want to buy or build a website just yet, you may just consider choosing a name and creating a store on the two online marketplaces to sell your SVGs

These are the two most popular places to sell your SVgs without having to purchase a domain name or host a website. You will pay transactions fees when you make a sale, Etsy collects a listing fee of 0.2 cents when you list your product.

Now that you have a name, let’s get on to how to make your SVG files.

3. Tools for Making SVG Files

To make an SVG file, you first need to get tools that you can use to make them. What are the tools you need to make SVG files? there are many tools that you can use to make SVG files, here are some.

i.Design Software

Inkscape : This is a free tool that you can use to make SVG files, you can try it out as a beginner and then move further as you master it.

Canva: This is a very simple tool for making SVG files, it is also a tool for creating all types of pictures, Canva is free, to begin with, but has paid option if you want to take advantage of other features.

Adobe Illustrator: This is a paid tool for designing SVGs, a lot of beginners may find it hard to use this to start off.

ii. Fonts

If you want to create lovely SVG files with quotes or words, you will always need to get very good fonts to use in making your designs.

The best place to get your beautiful fonts is from Creative Fabrica, for as little as a dollar, you can get great fonts that you will use to create your SVG files and designs.

If you sign up for their partnership program you will get more than enough font bundles to create and design as much as you like.

iii. Icons

Icons are used as part of a design piece in order to create a design that you like, a lot of people create free icons that anyone can use without attribution. An example of a free icon library is SVGrepo.

Icons help you illustrate your SVG better.

4. How to Make Money Selling SVG Files

Now that you know what tools you need to create your SVG files, you may be wondering how to make money with SVG files?

a.Sell SVG files

You can make money from your designs by selling them to others to use, for example, simple SVG files that you made can be sold over and over again to different people online.

You can sell to individual users who want to use your files to make individual products or you can license them if the customer wants to use your designs on print-on-demand products. This is an extra way of making money from your SVG files.

b.Use it on Print on Demand Products

Print on demand products is now one of the easiest ways to make money online, a print on demand business enables you to sell your designs without buying any inventory or shipping any product.

All you need to do is to upload your design on their inventory, this may be mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, pillows, etc and they will help you to print and send them to your customer without you touching inventory or shipping nada.

If you want to learn more about how to start a print on demand business, read my post on how to start a print on demand business using Shopify

To sell your SVG files as a print-on-demand product you will need to have an eCommerce store.

So if you were not planning to start an e-commerce store you may have to do so if this is what you desire.

In my post on how to start a POD store, I showed you step by step how to start it on Shopify,

c.Start a Printables Business

So you love SVG files but you don’t just want to sell SVGs, you want to expand your business so as to mitigate risks and increase your income stream.

You can start a printables business that includes selling SVG’s and other printables products like planners, wall arts, gift certificates, gift tags, stickers, labels, etc.

This idea actually is what you should be gunning for If you really want to make money from selling your designs.

SVGs are just part of printable products, but you can expand your business by selling other products in your niche

I have been making and selling printables for close to 3 years now and I can tell you it has been rewarding, nothing feels good like sleeping and making money.

When I create Printable products that have to do with my niche and I wake up to see sales on products I created years ago.

Don’t have to ship nada, I don’t have to do anything, it is all automated to make me money.

When I started making printables, I created a post on how to make printables, and a lot of people got excited and were barraging that post looking for more information.

I had to then create a course that teaches you how to make Printables products.

That course is called Newbie Printables Business Course. It is a course that is designed to teach newbies like you how to start a printables business.

It takes you by hand and teaches you step-by-step even if you have never created one before.

You get to learn how to pick your niche, design your printables products, package it and sell it.

You also learn how to market your products, set up your store, and make money all from the comfort of your home.

Making and selling Printables products is one of the ways I make money from my blog.

For example, I created this SVG file which I have uploaded to my Creative Fabrica store.

I also made a POD(print-on-demand) product from the same design which I am selling on my online store.

How to make SVG files and make money. Understand how you can turn this skill into a money making venture.
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You can check out this SVG file on my Creative Fabrica store: Freshbiemom

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Making and selling SVG files is a simple way to make money online so long as you understand the tools you need to use and how to convert your ideas into designs that people will love.

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