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Pre-settlement lawsuit funding is a way to provide financial help to personal injury victims so that they can have money to cover the costs of their medical bills and basic living expenses while they wait for their case to settle.

Pre-settlement loans give plaintiffs the chance to get the best offer because many settle for less than they deserve due to financial constraints when they get injured.  There are good providers that offer the lowest pre settlement fees. This is because they still have bills to pay and they have to bring food on the table for their family even when they are injured, and they can’t go back to work.

3 Items That Determine the Value of Your Case

If you were seriously injured due to the negligence of a company or another person, you can get an evaluation of the amount of damages that you will be awarded in your personal injury case.  You can always talk to your attorney about the value of your claim.  

Here are three factors you should understand that will give you an idea of the amount of money you could potentially receive by filing a legal claim:


Understanding the types of damages available to personal injury victims can give you an estimate of how much your case is worth.  The type of damage will determine the medical treatment you will receive from physical therapy to surgery until you reach maximum medical improvement (MMI)that is quantified in the form of medical bills.

These are the two types of damages:

  1.  Physical damages

These are injuries caused to your body because of auto accidents, premises liability, slip and fall, construction accident, assault and battery, medical malpractice, pedestrian accident, product liability, police brutality, sports injury, train accident, wrongful death, and aviation accidents.  There may be more to the list depending on the pre-settlement loan company.

  1.  Money Damages

These are the monetary losses because of your inability to work as a result of your accident.  Lost wages and loss of future earning potential can be a very large component of your personal injury claim.  

In general, the computation for the value of your case is:

    Damages + Liability + Insurance = Case Value

Wage loss can be computed by multiplying your wages by the amount of time you missed, or are expected to miss, from work because you have to recover from the accident.  Consideration may also be granted if your injuries will affect your future earning potential.


In law, liable means “responsible or answerable in law or legally obligated”.  It is determining who is at fault for your accident.  

Liability is important because payment will be due to the defendant only when it was his or her fault.  It is thus the victim’s responsibility to prove who was liable for the accident.

What if you were partially at fault for the accident?  Your lawyer will review the facts of your case to see if you have been partially at fault for your injuries.  So hire a lawyer who will fight to protect your interests and build a strong case for you because you may have deductions on your claim if you have been found partially at fault.


The liable party will have insurance limits so when you sue for damages, you will generally receive an amount only up to the insurance limit.  Hence, if the computed amount of damages is $100,000 but the insurance limit is only $50,000, that will also be the amount that you will be allowed to recover.

How Much Can You be Advanced for your Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Loan?

Damages and the at-fault’s party’s insurance policy are the two most important factors that will impact the value of a personal injury case. A pre-settlement funding company will use the level of injury and policy limits to determine the proper amount of funding for your case.

 As mentioned earlier, you can only recover up to the limit of the insurance policy, thus, the higher the policy limits, the higher the possible value of your case.

There is no general minimum or maximum amount of a pre-settlement loan, but it is safe to say most companies will advance up to 10-15% of the estimated value of your case.

Taking that into consideration, if a pre-settlement loan company estimates your case’s worth to be $50,000, they will typically offer roughly $5,000 for a pre-settlement lawsuit loan.

Getting Your Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Loan

Once your application for funding is approved with all the necessary documents submitted and your case carefully studied by your lawyer and the pre-settlement funding company, you will be asked to sign an agreement and the money will be sent to your account within 24-28 hours.