Six trends are emerging for 2021 to help employers recruit and retain top accounting and finance professionals in today’s post-pandemic economy.

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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S., the public health crisis forced many businesses to transition their staff to a fully remote environment almost overnight. Employers pivoted operations quickly including recruiting in a virtual environment. In early 2021, we examined marketplace trends to see how recruiting for accounting and finance professionals has evolved. Six trends are emerging to help employers recruit and retain top accounting and finance professionals in today’s post-pandemic economy. Let’s go through a summary of the six trends, but read the full blog, 2021 Hiring Trends in Accounting and Finance to get more details.

#1.  Virtual Recruiting is Effective, But Companies Must Hire Quickly

Intense competition continues to require fast recruiting and hiring practices. The tight market means that accounting and finance candidates often receive multiple attractive offers, so companies need to move swiftly to hire the best talent. Companies that plan to remain fully remote have significant opportunities to reduce overhead expenses and redirect those savings. They can also recruit from a broader, geographic talent pool, but will need to make sure competitive salary data is available per geography. Access the 2021 Accounting & Finance Salary Guide for the salaries in MD, DC, and VA.

#2.  Organizational Culture Helps Attract and Retain Top Employees

Company culture became an even bigger focus for employers during the pandemic. In a primarily remote environment, companies must work harder and more intentionally to maintain their cultures. When recruiting, it’s important to communicate the ways your company fosters employee connections, boosts morale, encourages professional development and more to attract candidates who will enhance the culture and be committed to stay.

#3.  Flexibility and Adaptability Attract Great Talent

Employees completely blended their work and home lives in 2020, transitioning into a fully remote environment while also navigating a whole host of other issues, like managing childcare and remote learning. In your recruiting efforts, tout the specific ways you helped your employees in challenging times to help attract future employees.

#4.  Technology is More Important than Ever

The pandemic forced a massive digital transformation in a short time for accounting and finance operations. In our newly remote world, employees had to “up their tech game” to solve basic IT issues from home, use new digital communication tools/programs and more. Employers should look for candidates who are comfortable with technology and have experience with specialized accounting software and systems.

#5.  Soft Skills Still Matter and Crossover Skills Gain Importance

Gone are the days where jobs were rigidly defined and only required one skillset. Modern financial and accounting positions require a candidate to demonstrate soft skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration, along with crossover skills, such as business and operational management and data analysis. Post-pandemic recruiting requires that candidates demonstrate adaptability in changing environments, while working remotely and onsite.

#6.  Businesses Want to Remain Nimble, Creating Opportunities for Staffing Firms

We’re likely not going back to exactly the “way we were” before the pandemic, but this can be positive news for employers. Companies can be flexible and design a custom, economical mix of staffing in response to constantly changing needs. Financial leaders are eager to engage recruiting companies to help build or scale their teams to perform essential functions and sustain their businesses.

The pandemic may have drastically changed many aspects of our work environments, but demand for exceptional accounting and finance professionals and the need for flexible solutions remains high. If you need assistance finding the right combination of full-time and temporary support, contact Cordia Resources or visit our website.