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We’ve all been there: we forget to pack a charging cable on the way to Grandma’s and only realize in the third hour of a 4.5-hour trip. Or, we’ve run out of juice in the middle of the office party right when you wanted to snag a selfie with your work husband. This Anker charging accessory deals on Amazon offer up to 50 percent off power banks, charging cubes, and magnetic batteries to keep the gadgets powered until January rolls around.

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With all that hopping and bopping around from the in-laws’ place to your sister’s house, it can be hard to find an outlet to recharge. We can’t help on the emotional recharging part, but we can help make sure your cell phone battery doesn’t tank on the road. This Anker Magnetic Battery is a slim portable iPhone charger that uses MagSafe tech to attach to the back of your phone. And, it’s 43% off, down to $39.99 from $69.99.

The 5,000mAh battery can provide up to 17 hours of extra power. And, the battery has an attached PopSocket for a better grip or to use as a phone stand—we won’t tell if you watch the game instead of listening to your Aunt Mary talk about her bocce ball league.

In case you’re the one hosting, be prepared for the “Do you have an extra charger?” question with this Powerline+ II Lightning Cable 3-Pack, which includes two 3-foot long Lightning cables and one 6-foot long cable. It’s 50% off, down to $19.99 from $39.99. And, if you’re having Android users over, Anker also has USB-C chargers on sale for $12.99, down 35% from $19.99. There’s even a solar generator on sale for $749.99 for bonus power during the holiday dinner.

Like your phone after a Bluey marathon in the back seat with your nieces and nephews, this deal is bound to die right when you don’t want it to. Hurry up and snag it before someone throws a tantrum.

Here are some other Anker charging accessory deals that light us up:

Be prepared for unexpected guests or stock up your office with Amazon’s Stock Up & Save program, which lets you save 20% when you buy $50 of select items:

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