Chris Brogan and Kerry O'Shea Gorgone Release the $BKPK Cryptocurrency to Support the Backpack Show

BKPK Rally Coin Chris Brogan Kerry Gorgone

The other working day, Kerry O’Shea Gorgone and I released a new cryptocurrency identified as the Backpack Display Coin (or just $BKPK, if you want to be like the interesting young ones). It is developed by a firm referred to as Rally and was component of a job they launched named Creator Cash. The idea is that if you nurture a local community like we do around the Backpack Present, then you could establish your own micro-economy and invite members and users of that neighborhood to invest in, promote, maintain, and trade a particular currency.

What does ANY of that indicate?

At the greatest level, “Hey, if you get $BKPK coins, it supports the Backpack Exhibit, but also, you get the advantage of maybe earning even even further benefits than you would if you just despatched in typical dollars. WE get a reward for you getting the coin, but you ALSO get a reward for holding it. Form of like two individuals benefiting rather of one particular.

A minor far more “in the weeds:” cryptocurrency, you have perhaps now heard about. Cash like Bitcoin or Etherium or the at present well-known “Doge coin” are other kinds of cryptocurrency. So, the $BKPK coin is in essence a modest decentralized (meaning everyone has manage of it, not just one particular person) resource to pass price (in this circumstance, money) back and forth in between people who take that style of forex.

What can we do with the coins?

You can get sponsorship spots on the clearly show, backstage passes, special greatly discounted non-public coaching, and far more. We’re working up extra and additional offerings and techniques to have entertaining with the cash as we speak.

What do you want me to do?

We can method this two means. I shot a minor online video for you, but I’ll describe it suitable following the video clip, far too.

Check out this swift video clip, if you’d like.

There are just a handful of techniques to the system:

  1. Established up a absolutely free account at
  2. Obtain the Backpack Clearly show coin page.
  3. Get some coins if you want to just keep on to them. (Click on Purchase) OR
  4. Click just one of the choices like “Buy a Power Hour of Coaching” to get a distinct reward
  5. At the time you have the sum of cash needed for that featuring, simply click Deliver, and send out individuals cash to “TheBackpackShow”
  6. And if you get caught, just e mail [email protected]

And you do not HAVE to ship us the coins you acquire. Which is only if you want to get one thing like a backstage pass or sponsorship or no matter what. You can just keep on to them and see what transpires with the sector.

Quite Vital: Cryptocurrency is a pretty volatile setting. The value of any crypto coin can go up and down drastically and we have no manage around that. If you place in $10, you might find $100 the up coming time you log in, or you might obtain $5. It is a bit like the inventory current market. If you are unsure of irrespective of whether you want to attempt this out, it is okay if you don’t want to, and that is rather understandable.

The Awesome Portion (So Significantly)

Just by Keeping on to the cash (indicating, you obtain $10 worthy of or a little something like that and do almost nothing else), you include to the price of the Backpack Display group. And since of that, there are even benefits.

Every coin has a rewards pool that can be gained weekly (and I continue to never actually comprehend how this all performs). So for occasion, on my personalized “chrisbrogan” account, I have cash from seven or 8 diverse creators. I bought some of my friends’ cash to exhibit guidance. Just about every 1 of people cash has the opportunity to get paid some rewards, and when they do, coin holders get some of that income sent to their account, far too.

Which means, you have the option for the coin’s worth to go up and down AND you have the opportunity to get paid even extra rewards just since you are holding onto cash.

(Disclaimer: I know only a tiny bit more about crypto than most of you. Discover extra if you come to feel antsy.)

Heading Ahead

Although we continue on to experiment with this, there are a lot of new alternatives to test items out. I’m operating with some close friends and partners to arrive up with strategies to give rewards to individuals only for keeping the cash, furthermore means that I can tack on price for OTHER persons, if you select to spend them with our $BKPK cash.

For occasion, let’s say a buddy is throwing a live performance. You can shell out at the doorway working with their coin, or you can spend at the door making use of the $BKPK coin. If you spend with BKPK and present us the receipt, we’ll give you further benefits just for deciding upon our forex as your payment system.

One more instance is if we maintain a virtual event, the value may be as low-cost as buying a smaller quantity of every single speaker’s Creator coin to get in.

And so on.

Want to Be part of an Financial system Experiment?

It is all a grand experiment. It’s wayyyyy too early to know what to make of all this. But if you want to have enjoyment *and* support Kerry and I and The Backpack Clearly show, think about selecting up some $BKPK cash currently.

  1. Go to and make an account
  2. Go to the $BKPK webpage and click Acquire (or acquire the reward you want instantly)
  3. Possibly keep the cash and truly feel fantastic about it OR click Mail if you are sending cash to obtain a reward

It is that effortless! 🙂

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