Trump Accuses Judge of ‘Stacking the Deck’ Against Him in Tax Ruling

President Donald Trump’s lawyers on Friday accused a federal judge of “stacking the deck” against Trump in his long-running fight to block the Manhattan district attorney from getting his tax returns.

The assertion came in a legal filing in which Trump’s lawyers asked a federal appeals court to scrap a lower court’s decision that would allow the district attorney to obtain the returns and other financial records.

In a forceful and sharply worded brief, Trump’s lawyers said the judge, Victor Marrero of U.S. District Court in Manhattan, had given short shrift to their arguments that a subpoena seeking the tax returns was overly broad and amounted to political harassment.

The appeal was the latest turn in a protracted legal battle that began in August 2019, when the office of the district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., a Democrat, issued the subpoena to Trump’s accounting firm seeking eight years of the

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With All The Reasons: Is Publishing a Book Worth The Effort?

There seems to be a great divide about how many pros and cons there are to self-publishing and traditional publishing. In fact, ask a person who has seen success with self-publishing (or traditional publishing) and more often than not, there are more pros to self-publishing than there are with traditional publishing. Those who believe in traditional publishing and those who are firm in their belief on self-publishing, seems to always point out the many good points to their style or type of publishing.

The fact remains that yes, publishing your book is worth the effort of writing and the publishing of your book. But the question really becomes what is the cost of publishing that we do not often think about?

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As Citi taps Fraser, Wall Street’s poor record on diversity is put in focus


Billionaire David Shaw Pours Money Into 3 “Strong Buy” Stocks

Are the tides turning on Wall Street? Stocks fell in the past three trading sessions, as investors abandoned the tech heavyweights that have been at the forefront of the market’s remarkable charge forward. What’s behind the sell-off? Sky-high valuations reminiscent of the dot-com era have sparked fears of a tech bubble. To this end, investors are wondering if this pullback is just a correction, or if it is the start of a larger drawdown.In times like these, the legends can offer some guidance. We are referring to the people that transformed the way we play the investing game, namely David Shaw.A former Columbia University computer-science professor, Shaw founded the D. E. Shaw group at a small bookstore in New York City in 1988. Starting out with six employees and $28 million in capital, he pioneered a new investing approach,

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Women significantly underrepresented in senior positions across NHS, report finds

Just one in four chief financial officers for NHS trusts is a woman, and just over a quarter of medical directors (PA)
Just one in four chief financial officers for NHS trusts is a woman, and just over a quarter of medical directors (PA)

Women are substantially underrepresented in senior positions across the NHS, despite accounting for 75 per cent of the health service’s workforce, a report has found.

Just one in four chief financial officers for NHS trusts is a woman, and just over a quarter of medical directors. The lowest proportion of women in board-level positions was at ambulance trusts, at just 39 per cent.

Health professionals hit out at the report’s findings — arguing it was critical for NHS leaders to be representative of the population it looks after.

Researchers at the NHS Confederation, the membership body for organisations that provide NHS services, found women would have to be in an extra 150 executive and non-executive directorships to reach the European Commission’s definition of gender balance of 40 to

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