Can You Really Get Paid To Write Reviews For Amazon Products? | One More  Cup of Coffee

Although reviews are a key part of eCommerce, buying reviews on Amazon is illegal. 

Ecommerce platforms take review integrity very seriously and actively strive to eliminate bogus reviews. 

 If you try to purchase reviews on Amazon, not only do you risk getting your account terminated, but Amazon could sue you.

There are ways reviews can be purchased but it’s not recommended.

1. Coupon Deals and Clubs 

Numerous websites offer great deals to clients, and these websites includeRetailMeNot, FatWallet Groupon, LivingSocial, RetailMeNot, FatWallet,l, among others. 

So what you do is sign up before you post your items on Amazon with discounts to get reviews. 

Although these sites charge a fee, they have a high success rate than posting to forums and take less time.

 2. Amazon Review Trader Services 

 Review services can also be outsourced, and most of these companies provide professional services. 

 Cashbackbase is an example of these review services companies, which greatly helps you to get reviews. 

 What makes it stand out from the other review services is that it encourages clients to leave reviews behind and contact buyers directly through the message feature. 

 However, their clients are ready to leave positive opinions to buy from this site. 

 With its benefits of covering 7 million Amazon clients from various countries and no threshold for Amazon sellers, it comes in handy when launching new products, a good way to help you launch new products and generate more sales and reviews.

3. Asking Freelancers for Reviews 

 In the past, you could purchase reviews using independent platforms like Fiverr, which was quite affordable as it only cost $ 5 per review. 

 However, Amazon quickly put a stop to this, and now it’s impossible to buy. Requesting reviews from freelancers is a very risky strategy that has a low success rate. 

 Google abolished these practices, and companies that were discovered purchasing reviews were prosecuted. 

4. Find Reviewers from Facebook Groups 

Facebook has numerous reviewer groups filled with product and sellers reviewers. The initial step is to join these groups and then begin posting your offers and products. 

 Most Facebook reviewers ask sellers for free products or big discounts as to review.

This is a great way to research reviews, and you can be collecting reviews in no time. 

There are two distinct ways this can be done: posting a message hoping one of the audience will be interested immediately. In contrast, the other method requires the Facebook group admin to recommend your post to others for payment in return. 

 5. How about requesting your family and friends? 

 If you want to boost your reviews, you can request your friends and family to write them down for you. It is quite easy since people who take care of you will gladly agree to do so. 

Although a lot of people do this, it’s not a highly recommended reason being your Amazon account will be at risk of being terminated  ​When you look at Amazon’s policies, family and close friends are not permitted to give you client reviews because they know you.


Although most people and businesses are willing to pay others to learn How to get reviews on Amazon, it is illegal and not recommended. There are so many ways you can acquire more views on Amazon without compromising your reputation and risking your account being terminated.