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Love is a language; love is a gesture; love is a feeling that never dies. It has been a part of endless conversations since ancient times. While it is innocent to say love is complicated and not that easy to understand, everyone makes amends and tries to fall a bit deeper in this sacred pit and know a teensy bit more about love. It’s modern times we see old couples that give us immense pleasure, but it is not rare to see a couple of college-going students having the best time of their lives. Looking to propose to your lady love the love of your life, know some sure shot tricks and gifts for girls that will go a long way. Not all confessions happen on Valentine day; your heart knows it’s right when it’s right. Let’s begin.

  • Sweetness with chocolates

It’s not spoken out loud, but it takes more courage than love to vent your heart out to your loved one. Make this warlike vibe easier with a chocolate hamper. Just as you too melt in the chocolate deliciousness of the deity pick your moment and express your deepest sentiments. 

  • A bouquet

Men are not big on flower bouquets, and it’s beyond human understanding why? Let go of this shy psyche and buy a beautiful bunch of preferable roses in an appealing flower box that she can easily carry and take home too. Red roses are the ones you can rely on that won’t let you down, lilies and carnations can be substitute options. 

  • A pendant

Seeing how it’s the first time you are about to share your feelings with the apple of your eye, your girl it won’t be less if you take along a bunch of mini presents. A pendant per se with customisation like an engraved name or a picture of you too can seal your deal. Keep it small, simple and an everyday accessory. 

  • A bracelet

Buy a bracelet for her; girls love to wear gifts that are accessories but are souvenirs of their bonds with their special people. If your girl is a big-time lover of gifts and those too personalised ones a bracelet can be the right choice for you. As a promise of togetherness forever, you tie this bracelet, and the slightest smile is the promise she extends. 

  • A beauty kit

A ‘bruh’ girl or the decent stylish one, they all have their hearts set on some beauty products their lives can’t proceed without. Be it makeup or night time skincare products the slight variation won’t make a big difference to what you intend to buy. Count a face wash, a scrub, a lip balm and a face mask, and you should be good to go. 

  • A matching t-shirt

It is a trend to wear similar or absolutely matching t-shirts or sweatshirts. Couples especially love to flaunt their love story through these symbolic customized t-shirts. Gift her one too so she knows you are absolutely sure about your relationship with her in the future and it is by no means, just a fling!

  • A basket of customized presents

Girls are vocal about their wants and need primarily when it comes to gifts which makes it excessively easy for those who wish to make a move with a shield that is a gift. Ask her too and make a full basket of everything she wants, remember to slip a little greeting card too, so it’s easier for her to decode your feelings. 

There is no season of love; it begins when you make it commence. These gift items will surely tip things in your favour but remember to also speak a few words of love to let her know how real it is what you feel for her. If all goes good and that far, don’t let go without saying the three magical words. 

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