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Have you ever thought about eliminating animal-based products from your diet and turning to a vegetarian plant-based diet instead, only to become so overwhelmed with how to start you give up before you even begin? Professionals suggest a comprehensive grocery shopping list is key to this lifestyle change. Luckily many online resources will help you adapt to this new diet. With great tips on what and where to buy, delicious recipes, great reviews, and valuable information, cooks venture review is one of many sites that will be a great asset as you transition with your new food choices. 

What types of vegetarian diets are there: 

Vegetarianism is a plant-based diet. Animal-based foods such as meat, poultry, seafood, and dairy are not eaten. Instead, this diet consists of vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and soy products. However, there are other versions of the vegetarian diet. The most notable, Veganism, is much stricter because it is entirely plant-based and does not allow animal-based products. Ovo-Vegetarianism enables the consumption of eggs and egg-containing foods, while Lacto-Vegetarianians use dairy products. Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarianism consumes both eggs and dairy, and Pescatarians eat seafood. The most tolerant is Flexitarianism which concentrates on what you can include in your diet rather than what food types to exclude. Why is vegetarianism so popular? Several reasons range from religious customs or health requirements to concern for animal welfare and the planet’s conservation. A vegetarian diet can prevent heart disease, decrease cancer risks, regulate blood sugar levels, and help lose weight. 

Need to Know!

Although a vegetarian diet is a healthier option, it is crucial to remember removing animal-based food from your diet will mean the absence of essential nutrients. Therefore becoming vegetarian can be pretty challenging—tips for starting include making small changes once a week. Start incorporating more vegetarian foods that you eat while slowly exchanging animal-based foods for plant-based alternatives. Phase out meats rather than abruptly stop them (fortunately, an extensive range of meat substitutes can help with meat cravings). Asking for help is an excellent way to ensure your diet is nutritious and healthy. Reaching out to a Dietitian, doing a lot of research, setting goals, and planning are advised. Meal plans and shopping lists are essential in ensuring a well-stocked kitchen. 

Vegetarian Shopping List Tips! 

So what is an excellent way to keep your pantry stocked? A well-thought-out grocery list will help when starting a vegetarian diet. Why? Going grocery shopping without one may lead to an uninspiring collection of poor choices. Doing some research on the staples of a vegetarian diet will help in making better choices when shopping. Having the essentials at home could mean turning to unhealthy options when hungry. Therefore when shopping, remember to include lots of vegetables and fresh fruit, grains, nuts, legumes, soy products, plant-based milk, and tofu. Remember to eat a rainbow of colorful foods. Exploration and experimentation will also help to become a vegetarian. 

Ready to Vegetate?

Is a healthy, ethical, compassionate lifestyle sound good? Cutting out animal-based products is beneficial for your wallet. If you are up for a challenge, ready to expand your knowledge and be introduced to a new culinary experience, go Veggie!

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