Dropispy, one of the most popular ad monitoring tools, has been created by digital technology. Dropispy has been voted the best online ad spy tool.

We’ll first discuss the benefits of ad-spy tools. Dropispy is a good example. After that, we’ll share how to locate a successful ad.

What are the Ad spy tools used for ?

First, ad-spy tools are Web ad monitoring tools. By doing this, they gather countless ads from their database in an effort to provide Dropshippers with these ads.

Ad spy tools are a way for advertisers to get real-time information to help them establish their marketing policies.

With ad spy software, it is essential to be able to spot the strategies or methods used by your competitors. Also, identify their potential winners and the niches they advertise in.

Without an advanced, quality Adsy tool, your Dropshipping business will struggle to succeed. 

Since there are many ad surveillance tools out there, let’s take a look at one. Let’s look at Dropispy to find out how it works.

The Dropispy’s ad spy tool

Logging in to the tool is the first step. Once we’re connected, we automatically have access to the Dropispy Ad Spy Tool’s “ADS Section”. This section includes a listing of many millions of ads from various social networks.

The default is that the tool sorts ads based on “Last Seen Date”. In other words, it sorts ads by Dropispy’s last date.

Next, we can set precise search criteria and target ads. Click the “Filters” button.

The screen will display a filter window. This window lets us perform extremely precise searches in our advertising database.

These filters are divided into multiple categories in this window.

How to search for a successful ad 

It is essential to take certain critical steps before you search for ads via Dropispy. We must use the correct filters to locate ads that are related to Dropshipping.

For an example of appropriate relevant filters, here are:

  • Ad creation dates: within the past 30 days
  • Media type of the advertisement: video format
  • Redirection Platform: Shopify
  • Call To Action, or Call To Action, (CTA) in the ad: Shop Now, Get an Offer, Apply Now
  • Number of likes between 250 and 2500

After choosing the appropriate filters, and launching the search for ads we can sort everything. You can sort the search results by creation dates, first/last seen dates, likes, comments, and reactions.

You can sort search results by last viewed date to see ads that have been viewed the most on Facebook.

In this case, we can sort by shares to find the hit ad. You will see the first results if you have them.

That’s it! You are already a winner. Well done !


Apart from knowing the utility of the adspy tools we studied at first level, it was important that Dropispy understands how its ad spyware tool works in the various filters.

You also need to make use of the Dropispy filters in order for your tool to efficiently search for winning ads. This is where the real power of Dropispy’s ad spy tool lies.

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