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Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram are the two cities NRIs are mostly eyeing to settle in post-retirement. Ernakulam, Kottayam, and Thrissur also top the list of old age homes in Kerala known for luxury. Wayanad and Palakkad are also serene places that have started to be known more for the upmarket old age home offerings than their holiday resorts.

The starting two lines of this article are the outcome of an interesting survey by one of this country’s real-estate think-tanks and their global partners. The NRIs originally hailing from Kerala will look no further than Kerala as their preferred destination post-retirement. This is because they do not prefer to live a lonely life among strangers in top cities compared to a calm and complacent life among old friends and relatives in their home state and often town.

Kerala perfectly fits the bill in terms of the natural landscape, ethnic culture, century-old knowledge of naturopathy and alternative medicine, and the world-famous reputation of Keralite nurses and doctors. The NRI is sure to get the maximum benefit of all these in paid old age homes in Kerala.

Why would NRIs prefer to choose a Keralian luxury old age home?

Happily shouldering the social responsibility of your kids – with a smile.

Today’s parents in India are selflessly sending their kids abroad to fulfil their career goals. This poses a genuine problem with most families blessed with one or two kids at the most. The parents who bade smiling goodbye to their kids to the foreign lands find themselves somehow lonely and helpless with ageing. The feeling of an ’empty nest’ becomes so overpowering at times that even video calls to kids fail to assure them as ‘connected.’

Retirement homes like the Travancore Foundation (TF) endeavour to solve this uniquely with their extensive engagement in education and research about ageing. At their plush facility in Karukachal, Kottayam, an elderly couple finds others to share their feelings. With their ‘independent living’ initiative, an independent retiree can lead a joyful tension-free life without bothering with the daily errands and boring schedules of a stay with their own family. Over the years, TF has emerged as the cherry on the cake among the old age homes in Kerala

Life is too short not to splurge.

The coronavirus pandemic has rattled the confidence of many people worldwide and compelled many others to rethink the uncertainty and unpredictability of life. Now Keralites lead among all other communities in India in terms of longevity, and by 2050, 20% of the entire Indian population is projected to be seniors by a UN survey. Hence senior citizens have emerged as special target customers by several business ventures in India, and seniors are loosening their purse strings to live life to the fullest extent possible. 

Keralite ex-pats can very well afford the luxury offered by the paid old age homes in Kerala, be it for their parents or themselves post-retirement. Chennai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Pune, and Mumbai are not far behind to lure the NRIs who hail from them in homecoming.

The Indian mindset has changed.

The social stigma attached to sending one’s parents to an old-age home is gradually changing. Especially when it’s not ‘dumping’ and instead of handing over the responsibility of their well-being and Medicaid to professionals on a 24 by 7 basis. NRIs working in faraway countries have their own families there to look after and practically cannot respond to every need of their senior parents when they live alone at home. 

So the NRIs have started appreciating the role of luxury old age homes in Kerala by depending upon them when it comes to providing five-star amenities rich life to their parents and for themselves when they pack their bags for India on retirement.

The flexibility of being an owner or living as a guest

While looking for a post-retirement refuge from the list of old age homes in Keralaa prospective NRI client has two distinctive options. To get admitted in one of the paid old age homes in Kerala as a guest inmate for short or long-term care, i.e., when you have some medical condition involving your body or mind and need assisted Living. 

The Travancore Foundation enterprise at Karukachal called Mission Valley offers such services where the residential units are given on short or long-term leases to clients against a service contract.

The second option is equivalent to buying a property in senior housing, what the TF calls’ Independent Living,’ and the one or two BHK dwelling units of their property at Rahel Homes are leased out to individuals or short or long term or against absolute ownership. 

Try before you buy the option.

Before buying such lucrative peace of mind either for yourself or your parents, you can try them for a quarter or a long eleven months as rental or a sublease arranged through existing unitholders. This is what the Travancore Foundation of Kottayam offers, and such tailor-made, customer-friendly options have facilitated their positioning at the top of the list of old age homes in Kerala.

Long term Geriatric care needing exceptional management

Certain medical conditions like Stroke or Wound may cause caregiving of an individual needing absolute professional help that is usually unmanageable at home. Mental conditions like severe Dementia may also need full-time assisted Living. Such services are meticulously taken care of by specially trained personnel along with doctor’s assistance at places like Travancore Foundation.


To sum it up, NRIs desirous of settling in their Indian hometowns must check out the old age homes in Kerala, especially those like the TF, who, by their learned founders, members of the trust, and a team of professionals have taken geriatric caregiving to new heights by years of dedicated efforts in education and practical research on it. The result is a fine cocktail of world-class services in five-star dwellings at the most affordable prices.