5 Must-Haves When Buying A New Scooter

Electric scooters and moped bikes are now becoming popular alternatives for private transportation. Not only can they help commuters save on long-term transport costs, but they’re also eco-friendly and convenient to use. 

Simply purchasing a scooter is only the first step as there are plenty of add-ons you can get to further enjoy your ride to the fullest. Some of the accessories are also essential in observing safety precautions that protect you and other road and pavement users.

Here are five must-haves to add to your new scooter that will surely enhance your experience on the road. 

No matter what type of scooter you opt for, it will be a sizeable financial investment in private transport. An electric scooter can cost up to USD$600 while moped scooters can run into thousands. Thus, the last thing you’ll want is to have your valuable property stolen when you have to park it outside a store or establishment. Even if you own a foldable and portable electric scooter that is allowed inside most buildings, it’s still essential to get locks that’ll secure them to a fixture with no end-points such as a bike rack or looped metal pole. 

Fortunately, when you buy new scooters, there are several lock types to try and adjust until you find the most suitable one. You can opt for a cost-effective cable lock made of high-density and strong steel cables. Another affordable option is the traditional steel chain and padlock that make it nearly impossible for potential thieves to cut through. If you have more to spend on security, opt for a U-lock or disc lock for a moped scooter.

Safety should always be a priority after buying any mode of personal transport, and scooters are no different. They are vital and life-saving safety equipment to protect you from head and brain injuries should you get into an accident or have a serious fall. 

When purchasing your helmet, make sure to find one that fits your head comfortably. Make sure that it’s not too loose or can easily slip off. The best helmets will have adjustable chin straps so you can tighten them for a better fit. Furthermore, the helmet should ideally be made of polycarbonate for the outer shell and a polystyrene lining interior for the best shock absorption and protection. 

If you’re using an electric scooter for commuting, then an extra battery is a must-have item. As a second power source, the additional battery can ensure you ride at your bike’s maximum speed longer and can help you get to your destination quicker. 

Moreover, you can use it as a backup if your primary battery needs to be recharged and goes flat while you’re in transit. You can attach it and continue your journey without having to wait for roadside assistance for help. Depending on the bike you have, you can choose a battery ranging from 45V up to 72V for optimal power.

  • LED Lights Or Reflectors 

As an additional safety feature against road accidents, you can install light reflectors into your newly bought scooters. Doing this will ensure you remain visible to all motorists and pedestrians, especially if you’re travelling at night or when experiencing poor visual conditions

In this case, you can choose to get a front headlight, reflector, or LED lights for extra precaution. The headlights can be attached to the front of your handlebars while you can put a clip-on LED light onto your backpack to make you visible from behind. Alternatively, you can have LED lights installed into the stem and deck of the scooter for an overall brightening effect. 

One of the most convenient accessories to have when buying a new scooter is a phone mount or holder. They allow you to keep your phone within arm’s reach to enjoy listening to music while you ride or use the GPS to navigate where you’re going. 

Furthermore, the right phone holder should be made of high-quality material that’s flexible and sturdy to accommodate the size of your phone and hold it securely. In addition, the holder should be able to stay fixed onto your bike handlebars and absorb any bumps, movement or turbulence without slipping off. The ideal phone holder that meets your needs can enhance your riding experience. 

5 Must-Haves When Buying A New Scooter


The must-have items mentioned above are completely functional and add value to your newly bought scooter. Each accessory is designed to fit the needs of scooters or portable transport users. Moreover, they enhance your riding experience and safeguard your scooter as an investment. With all of these accessories, you can ensure a comfortable and safe road trip!

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