With All The Reasons: Is Publishing a Book Worth The Effort?

There seems to be a great divide about how many pros and cons there are to self-publishing and traditional publishing. In fact, ask a person who has seen success with self-publishing (or traditional publishing) and more often than not, there are more pros to self-publishing than there are with traditional publishing. Those who believe in traditional publishing and those who are firm in their belief on self-publishing, seems to always point out the many good points to their style or type of publishing.

The fact remains that yes, publishing your book is worth the effort of writing and the publishing of your book. But the question really becomes what is the cost of publishing that we do not often think about?

For Both types of publishing: Lack of sleep, late nights editing, correcting, rewriting, rereading your manuscripts. Then doing it all over again. There are other commitments to think about … Read More

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