New Homebase research reveals the smallest business’ biggest hiring advantage

Summary: Consistent with economic research, the largest companies using Homebase hiring software post jobs with the highest target hourly wages. Surprisingly, however, I find that some of the smallest companies using Homebase hiring software — those with just one to four employees —  are willing to pay as much as 10% higher than those with 20-49 employees, giving them a newfound competitive edge in a challenging market for talent. 



Hiring is top of mind these days, as businesses of all sizes continue to compete for workers in a tight labor market. And, given that one of the most consistent findings in labor economics is the fact that larger companies pay higher wages than smaller companies, you’d expect the biggest employers to have little competition in terms of pay. 

Interestingly, in my own recent research into Homebase hiring data, I’m finding a surprising result: Companies with one to four employees

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Multichannel marketing strategy and planning [free digital template]

What are the essential parts of a multichannel marketing plan template?

Multichannel marketing, or omnichannel marketing, is the process of utilizing online and offline marketing communications channels to target and engage with your customers.

As outlined in our popular Learning Path module, structure a plan using the RACE Planning framework, the purpose of a multichannel marketing strategy is to empower marketers and managers to plan, manage and optimize the resources needed to achieve business sales targets. The timeframe is typically annual but potentially longer-term, such as 18 months to three years.

Examples of communications channels could include, for example:

  • Websites
  • Physical stores
  • Catalogs
  • E-mail marketing
  • TV
  • Text messaging
  • Blogging
  • Direct mail

The goal is to deliver leads and sales targets for defined products and services, which can apply to an organization as a whole, or a single market if there are multiple markets and product or service categories.

An effective

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Is Nextbite Creating or Solving Problems for Restaurants?

Alex Canter understood his role from the beginning. As a fourth-generation restaurateur and heir to beloved Canter’s Deli in Los Angeles, he was set to continue the family legacy. But running a restaurant in 2021 is very different than running one in 1981, let alone 1931.

As Canter saw it, his job was “bringing in new technology and proving to my family that change is good,” he says with a laugh.

Within a few short years, Canter has undoubtedly succeeded, building a delivery platform, Ordermark, that not only brought the family business into the digital age, but helped thousands of other restaurants as well.

But as Ordermark expands into the worlds of ‘virtual brands’ and ghost kitchens, some are asking whether the company is creating more problems for mom-and-pop businesses than it’s solving, and if the ultimate goal is to support restaurants or compete with them.

Bringing the Deli

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32 illustrated martech stacks entered in The Stackies 2022: Marketing Tech Stack Awards

The Stackies 2022: Marketing Tech Stack Awards

Yesterday — #MartechDay, yay! — we released the global 2022 marketing technology landscape, after taking a year off in 2021. It grew a remarkable 24% to 9,932 solutions. To make it readable, we actually made it fully interactive at, where you can search, filter, zoom, and more. It’s pretty wild.

But despite its mind-boggling scale, the martech landscape has always been a sidebar to the real story of how technology is changing marketing. The really cool stuff for me is how marketers leverage these tools with strategy, talent, and imagination to achieve remarkable outcomes for their businesses and their customers.

This is why The Stackies: Marketing Tech Stack Awards are my favorite community event in the martech industry. Every year, marketers enter by sharing a single slide that illustrates their martech stack. They often shout-out to the specific products they use. But the best ones express how

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