Marketing Strategies

Top Rated Marketing Strategies

The correct marketing for a business is one of the key factors for success in a variety of fields. Marketing provides businesses with a way to reach potential customers. In the drive to gain potential customers in the way of leaving 1 business in order to try out another, the marketing should be able to invite, make promises, give reasons why their business is better and in some instances give products or services away. Well-designed marketing strategies can be created for brick-and-mortar businesses and Internet-based businesses.

Stand Out

Marketing should be able to showcase how the business is different when compared to others. Whether your company offers outstanding customer services, a unique return policy or unusual products or services, the differences between your company and other similar businesses are what should be marketed. Kicky and short signature phrases are able to cement this uniqueness in minds of your potential customers.

Market Consistently

Regardless of how well your business is doing, it is vital to consistently market all the time. Regular giveaways, advertising, contests and the civic-minded activities are what keeps your business and brand out there as well as reminds your potential customers about coming out to try out your services or products.

Email Blasts

The email blasts are one of those marketing tools that is free. Make sure you have a system set-up that will ask each new customer to leave their email address. While a few may decline, there will be countless others that will offer one. Plan to send out email blasts monthly. These blasts are emails that are sent out once to all the potential and existing customers that exist in your database. You can make use of these emails by showcasing new products, sales, and seasonal items. Make sure the blasts are unique and interesting to prevent them from been ignored. An example of this would be to let customers know that when placing a new order it comes with a specified discount.


It is always a great idea to hold contests that are designed to promote your services or products. For example, if you happen to sell food, hold annual recipe contests and offer the top 3 winners gift certificates that they can spend at your store. Other ideas are to bind and print all the entries and then sell these cookbooks at your cash registers.

Show The Love

Make sure you keep records of all your customer’s birthdays. For a birthday, send out a postcard that features discount coupons. You may also want to develop monthly newsletters that you can send via email. Make sure these newsletters feature upcoming holidays, interesting stories and then interweave sales specials and any new products that you have just launched. On the birthdays of your customers send out refrigerator magnets that feature your logo, phone number, and address so your business is always top of mind.

Internet Marketing

Design an easy to navigate and attractive website, people are known to be visual and will react to things they see. Make sure your website is designed in such a way that it changes regularly to offer visitors and existing customers reasons to return. Make sure your website ties into your services and products. An example of this would be if you are a housecleaning company, offer product and cleaning tips which change from one week to the next. Or perhaps you have an online clothing shop, write weekly columns associated with the latest fashion trends which tie into the products you have available.


One of the best ways to get the word around about your company is to give away prizes. This is the type of marketing tool is a way to gather vital information about your potential customers. Prizes to consider can include product baskets, free consultations or a free month-of-service. When announcing this contest design entry forms which require the name, mailing address and email address of each customer. Select a new winner every month and ensure you enter the information you have gathered about the entrants are entered into your database for your future sales fliers and newsletters.

Join Up With A Networking Site

Networking sites whereby you use links to the group member sites on your pages which are followed by them placing your links on their pages is a way to reach wider ranges of customers for free. You need to join up with the businesses that are able to complement yours while avoiding competing with them.

Press Releases

Press releases should feature in your local newspapers and online. Every time your business participates in civic events have photographs taken and write about what your business did in order to assist these organisations and send them out to publications and the websites for publications.

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